Capturing Sweet City Signs Before They Vanish


This super cool sign is from Barrack’s Row near the Eastern Market Metro stop. Sadly, it’s been half covered up. I think there was a big coca cola sign covered up but I was most intrigued by the Oysters advertisement.

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  • These posts are an asset to history, future generations will one day be walking through the PoP blogosphere to access archive of the cities past.

  • I know this sign, I took a picture of it a few years back when it was less covered up for a photojournalism class in college; I was doing a project on the Eastern Market neighborhood. It’s long been a favorite of mine.

  • Should we commission someone to go in cover of night and restore it?

  • We should find a way to preserve these historic sites. Most contractors are just tearing it down and building new buildings etc. We should work together with the PAST and the PRESENT

  • Is the one on the side of the building on the west side of Georgia Ave. between Shepard and Taylor advertising of dry-cell batteries still there? I haven’t been over there in a few years (I grew up in Petworth). That was kind of cool. Can’t remember the brand of batteries, though.

  • Further down 8th Street, past the SE Freeway, next to Al’s Carryout, you can still see the remnants of an old painted Coca Cola ad, partially obscured.

    I remember growing up in SE in the 1970s, driving into town on Pennsylvania Avenue, right at Barney Circle, there used to be an old painted Quaker Oats ad on the side of a building on the south side of Penn. The ad was painted over decades ago, but the creepy stare of the Quaker Oats Man haunts me to this day, his grim vaguely androgynous visage beckoning me to eat more fiber. I still wake up screaming sometimes.

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