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  • D.C.: Carry-out capital of the world.

  • Morgan’s Seafood! It’s big, red, and fits perfectly. Plus it makes all this stuff taste like catfood.

  • you are missing : Full Yum (greatest name ever), Howard China (best pork fried rice in town), Yeung Fong (a staple of my existence down in bloomingdale a year and a half ago)

  • Look closely at the photo of U Like Carry Out is another carry out with the red spanish tile roof, thats Eddie Leonard, how about D&B Deli on the 3400 Block of Georgia, Petworth Carry Out at 3933 Georgia, La Bamba at Euclid, Soul Vegetarian on the same block as la Bamba, and Wonder Chicken farther up Georgia, at Rittenhouse.

  • I think the U Like sign in the upper left is fantastic.

  • The soon-to-be-departed Dan The Man’s, as well as Seafood & Things. But, really, there are just too many to really list. It’d have to be one of those pictures that is made up of tiny pictures—So one big picture of a DC carry out joint made up of tiny (and all different) pictures of DC carry out joints.

  • the only marginally sweet sign is the seafood one with the waves. otherwise, i will be happy to see these go.

  • I love me some ghetto Chinese carry-out. And I would have included the China-America Inn (?) on Upshur. This is not gourmet Chinese food. This is shrimp fried rice with mambo sauce on the side. Heck, I don’t even know what mambo sauce is but some people do.

  • The H street area is changing from Ghetto to upscale Lhetto, Bletto and Whetto. I love it I remember the 8th and H crew with Rayful Edmonds ruled.

  • I’ll second Full Yum. With Eastern as a close followup.

  • My housemate refers to this genre of food as “Bulletproof Chinese”.

  • Shrimp Boat on East Capitol Street was a last stop for grease on drunken downtown binges. The fact that it’s still there is a testament to the Power of Deepfried Food. Respect this!

  • Isn’s the full title of the feature “capturing sweet city signs before they disappear forever”? I have a feeling we will never be rid of cheap plastic light-up take-out signs.

  • “Fish in the Hood”!!! U-like, I love-U!

  • Years ago (like maybe 10) I was at a De La Soul show somewhere in DC and Common was there too. At one point when he was freestyling he said something about “Nasty like the food at Yum’s.” It was hilarious.

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