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  • I eat at that place pretty much every weekend.

    There is a cute waitress named Cecelia who is sweet on me.

  • Most disgusting place I have ever eaten in my life. The place is dirty and has a horrific stench. Tear it down.

  • I love this place… I used to go here all the time when U street wasn’t gentrified… My friends and I called it the “F.A.G.” The early-bird special was the absolute best (don’t know if they still do it). Also, never EVER get their soda. Unless things have drastically changed every time I ordered a diet soda (which comes out in bottles) it was expired by months…

  • Obama Special > *

  • I’ve never been there and can’t bring myself to. It looks like a greasy spoon, soul food style where they must serve overcooked canned green beans. I’m too much of a food snob to ever consider it.


    (I’d like to preface this review by saying my extended family is from rural Arkansas. I grew up on good soul food breakfasts. I seek them out at greasy spoons or at finer dining establishments. And this is my first restaurant review that I have ever been moved to write…)

    Ok, I am 100% fully in support of patronizing the little, old-school, southern food, greasy spoon diner. But seriously, F A Grill gives all those categories a very bad name.

    I went there for breakfast, starving, ready to chow down. The establishment is terribly broken down and dirty. I was bracing myself to see some roaches scurry by on the window sill.

    The dishware was probably the same plastic set they used when they opened 30 or 40years ago. That means that the grime and residue of meals past was ground into the cuts and scratches on the plate made by decades of knife and fork use. (nostalgic…yes. stomach-turning…also yes). Nevertheless I endeavored.

    The food: I ordered pancakes and country ham and coffee. The pancakes were not quite as good as McDonalds. The coffee was a passable, muddy, chicory tasting beverage (I forgot to mention how the bottom inch of the inside of my coffee mug was a gummy black-brown that needed a good SOS pad.)

    To be honest all this was enough to say, “i came, I tried, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody or come back again.”

    Then there was the country ham – a nice big thick portion. I hungrily cut into it. Took a big bite with my pancake…and I nearly wretched. It was soooo beyond spoiled I couldn’t believe it. It probably had enough botulism, salmonella, or whatever develops in really spoiled pork to send a person to the emergency room.

    Without trying to cause a scene, I let my very young waiter know that the ham would have to go back and I requested some bacon instead, figuring, the ham probably doesn’t get ordered that often and they overlooked the fact that they would have to discard their ham steaks that have been sitting around in the freezer for more than 6 months. He looked at me with a blank expression, not comprehending that there was a serious problem. I explained that meat like that could make people sick, and he ambled away. I don’t know what he told the cook, who was standing only 5 feet away behind the lunch counter. Nobody apologized or thought anything was out of the ordinary.

    My waiter returned with a plate of straggly looking fatty bacon.

    And I tasted that… and the taste of bacon was only about 30% as spoiled tasting as the ham…There you have it.

    The above experience, my friends, has nothing to do with nostalgia, old-school or southern food. What happened to me was purely a result of the failure of DC’s Health Inspector department not having shut this place down years ago.

    A truly revolting experience.

  • I love greasy spoons (Steak & Egg Kitchen REPRESENT!) but the last two trips to Florida Avenue Grill have left me poorer and my pharmacist richer. No problem with the divey atmosphere or the indifferent service, but the coffee tasted like stale bongwater, the country ham was hard as a rock and tasted like a salt lick. And it ain’t the cheap meal it used to be. They’ve definitely seen better days. For cheap soul food, I stick with Wilson’s over by the 930 Club.

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