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I’m all for CVS, seriously I am. But it seems painful that this old theater in Brookland was converted into a CVS. I also noticed that the old movie theater in south Dupont is also now a CVS. I miss movie theaters. Oh well…

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  • Especially to a CVS that has crappy service half the time.

    It would be nice if Brookland still had a theater. I wonder what it looked like back in the day.

  • Why is that building giving me the finger?

  • Did CVS go on a blitz at one point buying up old theatres? The one on Macarthur Blvd is in an old theatre, and the same goes for the one on Columbia Road, right (Ontario Theatre)? I suppose it’s better than them having been completely demolished and built over.

  • The Biograph on M st in Gtown is a CVS as well. It all seemed to happen in a 1-2 year period.

    And yes the service at the Brookland CVS is horrible.

  • exactly crin, that was the first thing that i saw and thought when i saw the picture — why is CVS giving me the finger. that sign above the CVS sign is a bit unfortunate i think.

  • I think we all know why CVS is giving EVERYONE the finger.

    Because you keep coming back for more.

  • It is literally saying, yes we converted this theater to a CVS, f*** you!

  • I’ve never heard of anyone who is “all for” CVS…what a miserable company

  • At Least they maintained the cool facade. The theater probably wasn’t viable anyway. At least we still get to enjoy the general aesthetic of it.

  • “General aesthetic” is the new “middle finger.”

  • Before CVS bought them People’s Drugs was great, but afterwords not so much.

  • I refuse to go to the CH CVS because the lock up the soap. There is literally nothing you can get there that you can’t get at the Target.

  • Remove the seats and screen and level the floor and an old theater becomes a big open space without intrusive roof supports — perfect for a store like CVS with lots of long aisles. Whatever your feelings toward CVS, remember that single screen movie theaters are extremely difficult to run profitably these days given the way that movies are scheduled and booked by the studio distributors. The Uptown is the rare exception given its unique size and, more importantly, the fact that it’s part of a large chain (AMC) which has the ability to swap out movies frequently.

  • Yeah, I would rather have an old theater become a CVS (I still miss Peoples Drug Store!) than for it to be torn down.

  • I think it sucks, too, that we’ve lost neighborhood theatres for the most part. I hate multiplexes. I need to patronize the Avalon more. The neighbors in that area had to do a lot of work to keep it as a working theatre.

  • Hi PoP,

    A good discussion subject for the Blog would be if People would like to see a Movie Theater in Columbia Hieghts or Petworth. I would love to have one – especially in the Target (oh, yeah… DC USA) complex. That would really increase foot traffic and probably sales for all the surrounding stores. Isn’t ths what nearly all sububan malls do?

  • Suburban malls have googolplexes with dozens of screens. Small theaters are money losers in this town: the Key, Biograph, Janus, that one on Florida Avenue. Baltimore single screens are all folding as well. You’d end up with something like the Lincoln Theater that’s closed most of the year and costs taxpayers millions.


    and i live in columbia heights. thats saying alot.

    haha, someone above me wrote that they go to target for the soap. i do the same thing! still get my rx’s filled at the cvs tho

  • I believe this was the Newton Theater. It hasn’t shown movies in decades:

  • And I found this photo of the theater circa 1930 at that link Pat posted. It looks like they pretty much kept the same facade, except the theater looks bigger than the CVS it is now.

  • They also acquired the site of my first job in showbiz, the MacArthur Theatre, which was a pretty cool old movie theater in its day (seems like I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark there just yesterday).

    Also, yeah, Peoples was hella cool before CVS came along; so cool it didn’t even need an apostrophe!

  • ALL movie theaters will close within the next 20 years. Suburban googleplexes are closing too. DC googleplexes like MacArthur and others are referenced here.

    I know this business well. People have to accept that not only are movie theaters shutting down, but scripted TV series are being canceled and replaced by reality TV. There simply is no more revenue stream for all those things if people download video from the web. You will see a shortened prime time (think no more than 12 scripted hours per network) and the shuttering of plenty of theaters.

    I remember in the 1980s that people said that movie theaters would always be around. At the time there were something like 75 screens in Washintgon, DC alone. How many screens are there now? 24? 12?

  • @Neener, there are about 45 in DC (not counting those in museums), although, soon to be a few less w/ Union Station closing. That DC still manages to have both the Uptown and the Avalon is actually pretty impressive. (Personally, I am not a fan of either of them. I will never understand the hype of the single screen theatre, outside of nostalgia. Of course, having lived in a country where single screens were all that was available and you had to pay more for longer films, that also included “intermission” so that they could change the reels… the novelty wore off in a hurry, wrap around screen, or no.)

  • My hope and dreams are that one day the Toronto-based Cineplex-Oden will buy back all the CVS parcels and restore the buildings back as theaters. And, the big Hollywood producers will let independent films and avant-garde films rule the silver screen.

    There once was a time when attending the theater to see a film was an experience. I don’t find the same experience with CVS. Same building, difference lifetime.

  • saf

    Cineplex Odeon is the one who sold them off to Peoples.

    I love your second sentence though.

  • Cineplex Odeon in the US doesn’t exist anymore. The former Cineplex Odeon and Loews theaters are now owned by AMC.

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