More Cell Phone Service Coming To Metro

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Given the FQoTD about eating on the metro this seemed like an interesting follow up question. A reader sent an article from the Washington Business Journal:

“Cell phones with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint service plans will start to work in 20 stations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia (in October).

Stations were picked based on the highest volume of passengers and include the Metro Center, Bethesda, Union Station and Crystal City stations.

By 2010, cell phone service will penetrate all 47 stations but riders passing through the underground tunnels will have to wait until 2012 to make and receive calls.”

So, will you be happy to have this option on the metro or do you think it will be terribly annoying?

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  • I don’t think one can answer this question until you have taken the bus to work every day for a year. I have, and the answer is NO I am not happy with this!

    I don’t as much mind the noise or annoyance of the ringing phone anymore…its just that after awhile the conversations are so boring. I would rather listen to my dog tell me what he did today while waiting for me. In fact, I think I understand my dog better than some of the people on the bus!

  • Funny the only complaint is about the content of the peoples conversations.

    no matter, in 2012 a solar flare attracted by the earths changing magnetic field will wipe out all electronics, we will not need to worry. stock up on flint.

  • problem is you can’t poilce the content of people’s conversation nor can you police the decible level of them!

  • this is way overdue. having moved to DC I have to admit i was both surprised and shocked to find that i wasn’t able to get cell phone connection in the subway using one of the main providers (ATT). over the years there have been promises by metro and the phone companies but it seems it is now finally becoming reality.

    Metro should have never sold the full lease to a single provider in the first place. not only was that bad business but i my view also poor security since only verizon customers are able to communicate by phone in an emergency situation. what happens though if only t-mobile and att customers are in the train or a section of the system? i think that the government should mandate universal cell phone availability across all metro systems in the US. btw, I am not joking

  • I’m an iPhone nerd so I’m really looking forward to data in the metro; being able to send/recieve e-mails and access data dependant applications will allow me to further retreat into my smart phone and away from inevitable ridiculous conversations.

  • Oh yeah! More listening to inappropriate cell phone conservations.

  • I wish I were less of a fraidy-cat, so that when people have loud cell conversations near me, I could go “MMMM-hm! You tell him. That’s right, girl.” And so on. Lessen that illusion of privacy that people seem to feel.

  • I call shenanigans on the existing service anyway. Verizon says i have four bars, but i have trouble making a call. I get data no problem, but I can rarely get thru on phone calls.

  • Just wait until the airlines give in.. Crying kids, overbooking, and inane -ass
    chatter…. I am counting the days..

    But on a serious note, I am glad Metro will finally make it easier for so many of my work obesessed, self absorbed neighbors to keep on doing what they do best.

  • It would be great and convenient, if only we as the people of DC could mutually agree to keeping the cell phone usage to emailing, texting, and the occasional quick “just got on a train, will be there in 15 minutes”-type calls. Barring that social compact, I think it will be pretty annoying.

  • Caro, haha “people of DC mutually agreeing” your so funny

  • Reason number 8,176 I want a cellphone jammer/disruptor. Apparently they’re readily available in some parts of Europe and the Middle East, but the cell industry has the FCC so far in their pocket that they’ll probably never be legal here.

  • NO! I am totally against having coverage in the metro system. No one needs to get in touch with you that badly and I honestly don’t care to overhear your conversation. Annoying annoying annoying.

  • When I first moved to DC in 2004 I had sprint and I could always get service in the stations I was just roaming. As the years I have gone on, the service seems to have degraded and I rarely get anything anymore.

    I vote yes for service in the stations, but not on the trains. Why, So I can know what time it is. Plus if someone is having a conversation in the station, I can walk away.

  • As a verizon customer, i can tell you that this is a non-issue.

    the massive electromagnetic waves put out by the trains effectively scrambles your signal. so if you’re on a platform, trains coming and going will kill your reception. if you’re on a train, it’s alright until the train starts up or stops, but even then, you lose connections underground. data is alright, but a call is nigh impossible.

    similar thing happens above ground around town now and again where the stations are closer to the surface.

  • Who uses their cell phone to make *calls* any more? This will be great for texting, especially when lousy Metro service causes delays.

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