Wow, Lichtenstein Sculpture is From NYC and Survived 9/11

DSCN8598, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve walked past this sculpture (9th and F outside the Portrait Gallery) dozens of times and just read the plaque. Apparently is was originally located near the World Trade Center but only received a few scratches.



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  • Hey, that’s awesome. I love that the FBI used it as a memo board during their investigations. lol. So great that it survived.

  • This sculpture actually is outside of the building that houses both the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery (sorry to nit-pick, but everyone calls it the “Portrait Gallery” when, in fact, it is two museums in one!) And “Modern Head,” as it is named, belongs to the Smithsonian American Art Museum–we are very happy to have it installed. Thanks so much for the great coverage!

    Mandy Young
    Public Affairs Assistant
    Smithsonian American Art Museum

  • Not sure if Mandy can give more information, but it was my understanding that the sculpture just found a permanent home at SAAM. I am excited that DC gets a neat sculpture that has historical significance to boot!

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