Wine Bar, Room 11, Coming to 11th and Lamont Launches Update Blog

photo-8, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Lots of folks are curious about the imminent arrival of this new spot. You can see all the awesome construction updates on a blog run by Room 11 partner Paul Ruppert, which is aptly named Room 11-Coming Soon. There are already some great shots on the site (including the one above). I didn’t think I could possibly get more excited about this project…

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  • That brick floor treatment looks interesting. I can’t wait for this place to open! It will be a nice addition to the (in places bleak) 11th Street retail strip.

  • The floor is pine, actually, and it looks AMAZING. (The owners are really putting a lot of time and effort into the details.) Can’t wait for it to open!

  • Hmmm… the more money they spend on the floor, the more I’ll have to pay for a glass of wine. I think I’d prefer linoleum… but it does look nice!

  • Aside from the labor, doing the floor that way might actually be a little cheaper. Pine is about the cheapest wood you can get.

    But what I’m wondering, is what will they use for grout between the pine “tiles”? I assume they slap down the pieces of wood and then run a floor sander over them, but they’ll have to seal it up good.

  • I hope the pressure-treated starkness in the patio area gets some work to make it fit more comfortably with the neighbors’ residences. The same goes for Red Rocks. I support both projects and I understand that there must be a physical “separator”, but planks of PT wood just look out of place among the dense, brick/mortar/ wrought iron historic structures on the block.

  • I wonder what the neighbor who lives right next door thinks? I know at the beginning he was pretty upset…

  • JM – Actually the floors are cheap. It’s all old reclaimed wood from Community Forklift. The owners hand-cut it and layed it down themselves. I peaked in the window yesterday and it looks amazing. One of the owners Nick (or Mick?) said the grout will be a mixture of poly and sawdust.

  • To Room 11:

    Good luck finishing up the renovations and welcome to the neighborhood! Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough people showing some simple decency and recognizing how much someone has to invest in time and money to make something like this a reality. I give them credit for seeing their idea come to life. I wish you guys nothing but the best, and we’ll be one of your first customers.

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