Where’s the Best DC Punk/Metal Scene?

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From yesterday’s comments:

“So where would you suggest a DC neophyte go for a metal/punk scene? I’ve been to Black cat, DC9, Velvet Lounge and still nothing.”

Any metal/punk fans out there?

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  • Asylum is about all that’s left of that scene.

  • How about the Rock and Roll Hotel on H street?

  • There’s a Facebook group for DC DIY shows with lists of venues and upcoming shows. Lots of which could probably be described as punk/hardcore. And possibly metal. It’s a good resource in any case.


  • punk /= metal. so your premise is flawed from the start.

    that said, the metal scene around here is at Jaxx


    your best “punk” (i.e. hardcore) scene would be the house parties in columbia heights and silver spring. the borf building on north cap had hardcore shows. you can find it at velvet lounge, dc9, black cat, even the 9:30, but of course not every single night. probably other venues too.

    but again, if you are conflating punk and metal, i don’t think you really know what you’re looking for.

  • house shows.

  • The best place for metal is Jaxx in Springfield. I think they get a lot of big metal names and lots of the washed up ones who haven’t quit playing yet.

    Not so sure about punk.

  • I’ve been out of the loop for the bit, but keep your eye on Velvet…just gotta be there for the right night (maybe right nigh of the week). Velvet has been the real deal in the past and suspect it still happens there…

  • Asylum is all vegan/yuppie these days. The “scene” is long gone.

  • The FAB Lounge on Connecticut & Florida NW.

  • Smart-ass answer: Somewhere other than D.C.

    Real answer: Sometimes there are fairly decent shows at the Red and the Black out on H street, and there have been a few pretty good bands at Velvet Lounge. As one of the guys in Death by Sexy (a pretty bad ass band, btw) told me, hard rock is dead in D.C.

    (and, eric in ledroit, I doubt the questioner is conflating the two, just looking to see some loud, fast, distorted rock and roll, as opposed to the indie sensitive hipster flow that generally floods the music venues around D.C.)

  • check: http://www.geocities.com/dchardcore for listings of dc hardcore, punk, and metal house shows.

    it hasn’t been updated recently, but there is a message board attached that is up to speed: http://dchardcore.proboards.com/

  • Baltimore

  • Sonar in Balitmore or Jaxx in Springfield consistently do metal and punk. As for DC? Not so much. I have friends in local bands who play at the Red and the Black, DC9 and the Velvet Lounge. But you have to keep an eye on the schedule.

  • The Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring has a monthly all ages punk matinee the first Sunday of every month with a great crowd. Shows start around 2 PM. Bands such as Domino Team, Flatfoot 56, Police and Thieves, The Mishaps, The Screws, Copstaber, and Love City have played here. They have had some shows on other nights as well with The Points and The Stalkers. The May 3rd show is Bionicman, The Scare, Mostly Dead, and The Black Shade. The Basement Apartments and the Electrocutions are playing Sunday May 31st at 9 PM. Trigger Effect from Montreal will be playing the June 7th mantinee. Oh and they have a huge selection of beer and whiskey and the best burgers in the DC area.

  • The authority…lists shows in DC, VA, and MD.

    The best shows are still typically held outside of “venues”; churches, houses, abandoned buildings.


  • corpse fortress

  • The Nobunny performance with Rock and Roll Adventure Kids at Fight Club last week was super delicious.

  • http://www.dcshows.net is the only place to be. replaced pheer website for all your punk rocker and horribly liberal needs.

  • The DC punk scene is definitely not near what it was even 10 years ago, but there are plenty of houses that put on shows and good bands doing a lot of DIY shows. The Girl Cave in Petworth area, Corpse Fortress in Silver Spring. I’ll probably be booking a lot of shows this coming summer in my garage in Columbia Heights. There are a lot of new venues opening up this summer.

    This thread would be the best bet for updates on shows – http://board.vivalavinyl.org/thread/view/87167/&p=35

    The metal scene has been bad for…ever? There have been a few bands pop up here and there but, for the most part, you are limited to Jaxx in Springfield which is a shithole but occasionally books good, big name touring bands.

  • Oh, and the Velvet Lounge is far and away the best bar for shows.

    Black Cat is pretty bad, band-wise, now that I am no longer a freshman in college, DC9 books about 1 good band per year to make up for its 5,000 horrible dance parties, and Rock N Roll Hotel is like Black Cat pt 2 with worse bands.

    The city has been overrun with “DJs” who get paid to play their iPods. No one picks up instruments anymore.

  • “(and, eric in ledroit, I doubt the questioner is conflating the two, just looking to see some loud, fast, distorted rock and roll, as opposed to the indie sensitive hipster flow that generally floods the music venues around D.C.)”

    hmm, perhaps. punk and metal shows are pretty much opposites of each other however.

  • Hey Mike, I’m in a DC band, and I would love to hear more about the house shows you’re thinking of putting on. Could you shoot me an email ([email protected])?

  • If you would would like to book your band at Quarry House Tavern please contact me:

    http://www.dcshows.net (Boardname: “Sugarballs”)



  • gotta say most of these are right, the corpse fortress is the best, by far, all the others are mainly hipster scum or xxx hxc dc straightedge guys spouting political bs, its all about activism with these kids these days, I got lectured by some 16 yr old about the injustice of the violent punk kids ruining their reps, its just dead…i saw a guy get kicked out because he was talking too loud during a preshow lecture

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