What the Helen of Troy is This? Vol. 6

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This isn’t a traditional “Helen of Troy” post but I’m truly confused by it. This is located on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. Is it possible that there was a business back in the day called Sterling? Was it related to jewelery or silver? I’ve never seen a name like this engraved in concrete above a window before. Any ideas?

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  • This used to be (and may still be) a personal training gym and if I remember correctly that “Sterling” sign is relatively new, like installed within the last 9 years or so.

  • Someone’s last name?

  • Maybe someone’s buried up there.

  • The sign may be new or original, but it is certainly in keeping with old (DC) architecture to have a name on a building. Sometimes it would be a plaque like this, or the name might be spelled out with bricks, usually near the cornice. DC apartment buildings have had a long tradition of being named, usually by the developer. I like it!

  • Surprised to see a new one put up. The old Lansburgh building downtown where Jaleo and Austin Grill and the CVS are has several good examples of old store or builder names up top.

  • In my hometown I worked in a factory with a similar imprinted name that read “Price”. A Mr. Price had built the factory in the 20s and had his name put up top. He lost all in the 29 crash and jumped from the top of the building to kill himself. We believed he haunted the place, and we’d always look on that “Price” moniker with some fear.

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