This is Painful To Look At

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You can tell that the building behind that huge billboard is super cool. What a shame and a bit ironic, yeah?

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  • Covering up history

  • wow. ugly.

  • I think the tall building to the left is the Youth Hostel on 11th St. I believe. The covered-up building is old abandoned apartments. Agree that it has some beautiful ornamentation.

  • I dunno, I always kinda dug the unlikely synergy and contrast of the huge billboard amongst those older buildings on that block.

  • No doubt it’s more profitable for the owner of the building to use it as a support for the billboard then it would be to renovate it.

  • What else are they supposed to do with that old abandoned building?

  • That billboard probably pays for that building’s property tax while the owners try to figure out what to do with it. Probably keeps the windows behind it from being broken, too. It’s a shame that not every building in the city is active and beautiful at all times, but I can imagine worse situations than this one.

  • I LOVE that building and wish every time I walk by it that it would be under renovation.

  • saf

    It’s been like that for a long long time now. I hope that it will someday be renovated.

  • Now that the city has doubled the vacant property tax, I bet the sign helps keep it from being siezed by the District. Maybe more property owners will put up billboards — since it’s pretty much impossible to get a construction loan to fix up a property in this condition.

  • What is ironic is that the ad is explicitly trying to persuade us to purchase the same individuality as everyone else.

  • Where on 11th is this place?

  • That niche/doorway used to be home for at least one gentleman until someone shooed him away and put up a fence about 2-3 years ago. I say let him live there until you fix the place.

  • Northeast corner of 11th & K.

  • Sadly, I think well see one of two outcomes:

    1. demolition by neglect & a glass box office replacement
    2. Jamal buying it for a TGI Fridays

  • This is a noteworthy example of K Street’s old residential character as these old houses have an italianate look popular around the Civil War, or they could be second empire prevalent around 1870, note the old Franklin School nearby has a similar feel to it or the Morrison Clark Hotel further up 11th Street.

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