The Search Is Over (Re-PoP)

DSCN8252, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve Found rediscovered the greatest Condo/Apartment name evah!

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  • Wasn’t this posted like a month or two ago? zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • yes, this was def posted previously.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    You know I thought I may have posted this but when I put “Duddington” in the search box nothing came up. Ah well, hopefully it’s new to some people.

  • “Duddington” was the plantation of Daniel Carroll, of the famous Maryland Carrolls. It was over in SE, near 1st and E streets, SE. In fact, after the plantation house was torn down in the late 1880s, a new street called Duddington Place was cut through the property. Not sure if this is from where the condo on Lanier got its name, but could be!
    Interesting story about the old planation house; when Daniel Carroll started building it in 1791, L’Enfant ordered it torn down, as it protruded a few feet into the proposed path of New Jersey Avenue! Carroll had to start over…

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