Taking the War on Squirrels to the Next Level

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I used to think I was pretty tough on squirrels. I ain’t got nothing on the folks out in Spokane:

“The agency is using a special machine called the Rodenator Pro to detonate some of the estimated 100 to 150 squirrels tearing up the grounds.

The Rodenator Pro pumps propane and oxygen into the tunnels of squirrels, then sends an electric spark that causes an explosion. The shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels – but in a humane way, the agency said.”

Even I feel kinda bad about this…

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  • What kinda squirrels do they have up there in Spokane?!?! I have never once seen a squirrel tunnel…they nest in trees!

  • oh my god that is awesome.

  • I *!%&#&* hate those dirty “tree rats”! They dig in my pots and now reside in m y attic! Home Depot has Tree Rat poison, which I tryo to use often.

  • holy awesome batman!

  • This is all waaay to reminiscent of caddy shack.

  • this sounds way harsh, but I also don’t have 100-150 squirrels tearing up my (20×15) yard.

  • I’m with Chewy… I don’t know what the Spokaners think they’re blowing up, but around here, squirrels don’t dig tunnels. Maybe Washington state has a really bad chipmunk infestation? Chipmunks burrow.

    I haven’t had bad squirrel experiences yet. Well, they’ll tear into a garbage bag if I leave it on my back porch (too lazy to carry it to the end of the driveway sometimes). But both my toddler and my cat love watching them do their thing.

  • Why do people post comments before reading the easily linked article that actually explains everything? You can also link to Youtube videos and check it on snopes.

  • Because, Victoriam, not everyone approaches blog-reading with a homework mentality. It’s more like a conversation over beers. You know that guy who always has to whip out his blackberry to check a fact when you’re just sitting around chatting? Don’t be that guy. Just go with the conversational flow. I’ll help:

    “Ha! I can just imagine the idiots in DC government deciding this is a good idea… even though WE have tree-dwelling squirrels and Spokane apparently has ground-squirrels!”

    See? It makes your point about different squirrels living different places, and it pokes fun at local government. And that’s something everyone can enjoy!

  • We should use a Rodenator Pro on the Wilson Building.

  • Back when I used to live in Indiana I once had a squirrel climbing my screen door to get inside.

    I had placed a bird feeder outside a couple of days earlier, and this squirrel had found it. Once I took the feeder down and placed it inside my apartment, he tried to come inside after it!

  • Agree with Pennywise.

  • Lynda, that is hands-down the funniest site I’ve seen this week. Probably all month. I need to stop now, because people are going to wonder why I’m shaking with (mostly) silent laughter and wiping my eyes.

  • I think that is shiteous. Scuse my french but Spokane has seen Caddyshack one too many times. Member Spokane the gopher won!

  • So this is basically like a coal mine collapse burying hundreds of miners alive, except with squirrels, and it’s totally humane? Gotcha. Too bad they don’t have a live camera feed to watch it all happen, because I’m sure there are some German squirrel crush porn fetishists who’d pay cash money to whack off to it.

  • Monkey, you’re turning me on…

  • I gotta say, despite the joke, I agree with Monkey. How is this in anyway considered a humane cull of the squirrels? I can think of lots of other adjectives like ‘efficient’ or ‘draconian’ that fit much better. I seriously doubt that the weight of the earth within these collapsed tunnels is enough to kill the squirrels outright. Thus, this method almost certainly leaves the animal panicked, immobilized, and in pain to die a slow, brutal, yet conveniently pre-buried/out-of-sight death from asphyxiation, starvation, or infection.

    For Shame Spokane! I love squirrels just as much as the next nature lover; they are hella-tasty! That said, if your going to impose a cull on inconvenient pest animals own up to the methodology or better yet reintroduce natural predators (such as the pacific northwest carniverous mountain llama) into the habitat that originally controlled the population and promoted regionally specific bio-diversity.

  • Squirrel meat is an essential element of an authentic Kentucky burgoo.

    When life gives you squirrels, f**k them, kill them, and eat them.

  • The “shockwave” from the explosion is supposed to kill the squirrels instantly, hence the “humane” claim. The cave-in then conveniently disposes of the bodies. Not sure how the makers of this product can state that with certainty, though. Who’s going to check?

  • …apparently Monkey is, although his recipe for dirty puff pastry squirrel burgoo may be enough to halt the squirrel advance.

  • If its inhumane, all the more reason to use it on the Wilson Building.

  • Dang, if only we could add microwaves to the shockwaves, you could eat ’em right out of the ground.

  • All those stinking Spokane hippies are gonna be sorry when the hoards of undead zombie squirrels crawl dig their way out of the collapsed tunnels and up their pantslegs to chew through their nutsacks. You can only kill them with a headshot, and their heads are the size of a nickel. Good luck with that $h!t, jack.

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