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After yesterday’s post about Radius at the Ohio on H Street, NE a reader cleared a few things up and passed on some info about Radius on Mt. Pleasant Street, NW. As some commenters previously mentioned it seems the Radius at the Ohio is on hold and it is not clear if that project will go forward.

As for the Radius in Mt. Pleasant, I’m told it has been sold! But apparently it will remain Radius pizza. I’m told it is closing for a few days on Sunday for some renovations. I’m not sure how long “a few days” is but I’ll be sure to post when it officially reopens.

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  • Hope they renovate the pizza recipe as well, because right now it is behind several other places in the area …

  • Radius has some great pizza. Plus they deliver. The competition is stiff up in CH/ Mt. P area with Pete’s and Red Rocks but I always thought Radius held it own. I am a big fan of the Bi-moto. I hope the new owners don’t screw anything up too bad.

  • I don’t know if I’d keep the name since the product was often inferior to everything else in the area. I stopped going there after Pete’s opened and it was just a little farther to walk to from my house.

  • I have to agree with New2CH. In addition to improving the Pizza I think it would be a no brainer to improve the beer list. This is a craft beer town. A fact thats not lost on the other pizza places (petes, redrocks, paridiso, comet, all have good beer lists). Also a sure fire way to have me there every damn day would be to have Risotto Balls on the menu like 2Amys. But no reason to go the Personal pizza route. thats overdone in this town. lets keep the small medium large model. just make it good.

  • Yes, not to pile on, but:

    (Radius’s delivery service + time) = Comedy

  • This is great news! Hoping the new ownership brings new pie along with it.

  • I was in Radius last week (like every week), and an employee told me that the restaurant indeed has been sold, but to a former manager. They’re doing a quick rennovation–much like what happened to Tonic a few months back. It should be back to normal, with pretty similar offerings quite soon. “Thank Science!” Fast access to their veggie calzone and antipasto is one of the major perks of living in MtP.

  • Bring back the Red Bean! I need me some firecracker flautas and crawfish tacos!

  • I agree with practically everybody else…Radius’ pizza is/was really awful and I haven’t had pizza there in over a year. On a side note, I tried Angelico’s last night and wasn’t blown away at all. I’ll still go with Duccini’s as my delivery pizza…

  • I’m a big Radius fan.
    I think the food is great and the staff is one of the best around.

  • I miss Roma. That was some good pizza.

  • this could be great, if they start making better pizza. food at both radius and tonic leave a lot to be desired.

  • Radius is mediocre at best and Tonic doesn’t thrill me. Love Red Rocks though! I honestly think that is the best pizza in DC, not just the hood!

  • I wasnt always a food snob. but yeah. people that like tonic and radius have simple palates. these establishments exist only because Laurie Collins is so good at scaring away other restranteurs from MTP. Making them the only Viable options on the strip to sit down with a beer and some group. They are probably selling because now with petes and angelicos they realize their third rate business model of offering bad drafts and cardboard pizza wont fly for much longer. That said if the new owner reads these comments and makes some of these commenters changes. i think it could be a go to spot on the strip. And if i were the owners of Tonic I would find a decent chef for that place or else you’ll have to sell that when something better finally hits the strip in the vein of Bourbon or Black Squirel. Which host much better food and beer.

  • I guess I’m in the minority here, but I always thought the pizza was fine — a large pie and a house salad have sated me and my brood any number of times — and the folks who worked there (and Tonic) always have been the best. Also, keep in mind that Radius was here at least a couple years before Red Rocks or Pete’s. For those of us who were looking for a decent pizza within walking distance of western CH, Radius was a great friend. And while we’re at it, a shout out to Tonic for being a great little neighborhood bar (though the chef could ease up on the salt at times …).

  • You all are ridiculous. Seriously. Radius is the only even remotely passable NY-style analog in this city of pretentious, boring “gourmet” pizza. I would eat Radius over Pete’s, 2 Amy’s or Red Rocks any day of the week.

  • “Making them the only Viable options on the strip to sit down with a beer and some group.”

    Not exactly sure what that means, or how you define “Viable”, but if it means someplace to go with a group of people for food and beer then just off the top of my head I can think of Haydee’s, Don Juan’s, Marx Cafe. Does Ercilia’s serve beer?

    And without throwing sand, Nate, the less said about your comment the better 🙂

    p.s. the answer is Vace

  • nate- the last thing i want to do is get off on yet another NY Pizza debate. But its safe to say the reason that Radius Pizza is so bad. is in fact because they are trying to immulate bad pizza. Thats about the only thing positive i can say about radius, is that it is actually succeeding at what its trying to do. but thats the shame of it. Radius could hold its own with any and all of the horrid pizza places in NYC. problem is only new yorkers can hold that crap down

  • I do frequent haydees and marx as well. but ive given don juans a couple chances now and aside from the lackluster interior the food doesnt do it for me. Ercilias and Pollo Sabrosa and Adams are great for take out but do not serve beer. Mount Pleasant is a young hip hood filled with people that could and would support better eating establishments. We lost out on Room 11 to 11th street thanks to Laurie but there is no doubt in my mind that if someone opened a place like room 11 on MTP street it would be jammed.

  • OK, that’s two references to Laurie in the comments … anybody care to explain? (BTW, POP, I’m officially suggesting you profile some of the covered neighborhoods’ more notorious characters in future posts in something akin to a Get to Know Your Local Gadfly series.)

  • you can probably google search the wicked witch that is Laurie Collins. City Paper profiled her a ways back. I think thats what drives her. she feeds off the hate. She and her lame crew were the ones that banned live music in MTP. They FORCE restaurants and bars into “voluntary” agreements that dictate how they run their business. she is an absolute joke. and the funny thing is. as MTPs greatest NIMBY. she doesnt even live in MTP. She lives across the park in Cleveland Park. where she can enjoy beers at some great restaurants and even take in some irish music at nannys or 4 ps… also worth mentioning that CP tavern has a roof deck in Cleveland Park. but i bet you anything. that Marx Cafe will be denied its application for a roof deck due to Laurie. other members of her neighborhood group live in Columbia Heights. But not sure what can be done about it.

  • Unless you count the half-burnt/half-soggy pies they were cranking out right after they opened, I’ve never had a bad pizza from Radius. The food at Tonic, on the other hand, has gotten really bad over the last couple years. It used to be reliable bar food, back when that place first became Tonic.

  • Radius is awful; after several attempts I wrote them off. Angelico’s has been pretty solid thus far. Nothing earth-shattering, but very passable pizza and huge calzones. If I want sit-down, I’m going to Pete’s or Red Rocks, and I live two blocks from Radius.

  • Radius Mt P. has in fact been sold and yes it was sold to someone who used to work for one of the Tonics. So it will remain a “Radius” but the menu will be modified and yes the recipes as well…so all you lovers and haters…will just have to go check it out on your own. I hear though the new owners will be making their own pasta and trying to use more organic and locally grown produce/products…so hopefully a plus for the new joint if it’s done right! The Radius Ohio will not be a Radius anymore, it will be another Tonic establishment. But for all you “we need pizza on H Streeters” an Angelicos should be opening up sometime in the near future. On a side note for Anon 9:59 – if you miss the Red Bean, be sure to check out The Social when it opens in CoHi…one of the old owners from the Red Bean is the exec chef there.

  • If you want a good NY slice, you have to go to all the way out to Valentino’s. Their large is 20″ and it’s under $20. Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re eating at Famous Original Ray’s (Not Affiliated with Original Famous Ray’s).

  • LadyA sounds like she’s in the know. Is the Tonic establishment on H moving forward?

  • LadyA- Hope yr right. that sounds like just the tweaking it needs to win me over. Whoever the food purveyor is for tonic/radius now is clearly not local or organic…(yes you can taste the difference) If you know the owners please do suggest some better beer. Dont get me wrong. Cheap Drafts for Pitchers to be shared among friends is a must. but lets get some good bottles as well. Would be great if they supported the MTP farmers market vendors too. Perhaps a rotating pizza creation made from MTPs very own farmers market?

  • Just don’t mess with that thick-sliced pepperoni. That’s the best part about pizzas from Radius.

  • Radius delivers fine pizza. far superior to Duccini (ha!) and Moroni and Brothers. Radius is on-par with Vace. It can’t compare to Petes or 2 Amys or Rays in NYC. I tried Angelicos but what I had was inferior to Radius, but not a bad value. There is no way that Angelicos compares to Radius unless you love your high school cafeteria and want a slightly grown up version of that. It’s chain restaurant pizza people.

    I sense one person posting anonymously who has a strong opinion, but not one shared by MTPers.

  • Probably no sense arguing, as it’s just a matter of personal tastes, but Radius isn’t in the same league as Vace. (I’d say that Radius, with that fake cheese, bush-league crust, preservative-laden sauce, and unsteady cooking hand is about even with chain-quality pizza, but even if one hasn’t had the terrible experiences that I’ve had, Vace still is worlds better — it’s some of the best pie in the region.)

  • I’m 40 years old and have eaten Vace slices and pizzas for about 22 years in both Bethesda and Cleveland Park. Did you know that there was a time when Armands made excellent pizza and the best pizza in DC? I even remember some issues with the beloved Roma, one of my all-time favorite DC restaurants.

    Vace crust is not first rate and their pizza is most often drier than ideal due to that and placing the cheese on the bottom. I’ve gotten plenty of pizzas with issues from Vace.

    I have never noticed any issues with Radius cheese. Radius fails the most at accurate cooking times, sending out slightly over/under done pizzas or, as noted above, they used a sketchy delivery guy when they couldn’t find anyone to work there.

    Radius has interesting pies, such as the pesto shrimp. Vace has a good white pizza.

    So, overall, I think both are about equal.

    Moroni Brothers can’t make me a pizza without errors or make the same pizza twice. Potentially that’s appreciated, but not when I have to drive there to get it.

    Pete’s is superior, that’s accepted. So is 2Amys. I spend most of my time on that end of 16th so Pete’s is not much of an option.

  • Did I really just read “immulate?”

    Radius is awful and really really overpriced. I dont understand how it’s still in business.

  • I was at Radius on Saturday and noted that the menu has changed up a little. Some of the pastas are gone, the gnocchi appetizer that I kept intending to try is no longer around. Oops! The salads are changed, but the pizza options are the same so far.

  • So has anyone actually TRIED the new menu? What’s the prognosis? About the overpriced comment – I will say one thing I respected about them is the fact that they DROPPED their prices when the economy fell. That takes cojones. Probably why they had to sell, but it looks like the prices haven’t gone up with the new owners.

  • Has anyone who is ranking on Radius been in since it’s actually changed ownership?

    Because I have and it’s awesome! I’ve been back several times and it’s just outstanding — the pasta, sauces, and sausage are all homemade. I ordered the fettucini with peas and fava beans one night and it was really delicious! The mussels were great too and my husband enjoyed his Ducati pizza (so did I!).

    The prices haven’t changed, but I’m really happy with the new menu. Radius is definitely back in our regular rotation.

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