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This is beyond ridiculous. Isn’t everyone on twitter and facebook now…

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  • I saw this name on a paper in Metro Center today – there’s a picture of some dude with like $5k stacked on a kitchen table! WTF!?!

  • Yeah, I saw something like this today in the Chinatown Metro. Except most of the picture was scratched out. What gives??

  • haha, gooood point PoP

  • Ha ha ha!!

    Good one.

  • Re: “Isn’t everyone on twitter and facebook now…”

    No. Race and economic status have, historically, had a huge impact on whether people use FB or MySpace. That’s certainly changed recently, as FB has been swallowing the entire American market, but I think one of the great successes of MySpace is that it drew minorities in huge numbers without explicitly marketing the site in that way.

    How does Twitter fit in? Not sure (haven’t seen any substantial research yet), but my anecdotal experience is that it is somewhere in between.

  • congrats to brad on taking all the fun out of this board!

  • For Brads everywhere, I apologize for the dry comments “Brad” posted above.

    That being said, JerryF4l’s MySpace is pretty terrible.

  • does this just give the police the ability to at least question who ever this guy is for destruction of property?

  • let’s hope this idiot sees the inside of DC Jail soon.

    you should definitely make time to listen to his hit “Gettin’ Money” on that myspace. With the timeless refrain of “we gettin’…money…money…money…we gettin’ money over here.” A real Duke Ellington in the rough.

  • those arent even his beats…..

  • Haha, I read Brad’s comments as a hilarious joke.. hmm… perhaps its just me…

  • Jerry needs a new street team.

  • I prefer Myspace. Facebook is like role playing for adults. LAME. Also, Myspace keeps me up to date with bands.

  • the drug gang on my block has a myspace page. nuff said.

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