Scuttlebutt: Slot Next To CH Coffee on 11th Street


From a reader:

“I was over at CHC Saturday morning, and some folks had opened up the shuttered space next door (where CHC was unfortunately unable to expand) and they were messing around in there. I distinctly overheard someone say he was planning to sell vintage furniture in there.”

I wasn’t able to confirm this info so please consider this strictly, strictly scuttlebutt. There is a distinct possibility that this space will become something else. But, damn it, I enjoy scuttlebutt. While many of us were truly saddened that CH Coffee was unable to expand, I’m curious, would you be happy if this space turned into a vintage furniture shop?

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  • I welcome most types of retail in this area, just a block from our house, so I’d be happy. My wife, on the other hand, would be so overcome with joy that she wouldn’t be able to speak for a week.

  • short of a noodie bar or liquor store, i’d be happy for anything to come into that strip on 11th. so much potential along the street and it’s so wasted right now. don’t even get me started on the potential for GA ave…

  • Furniture? Yes, sir.

    Although I would have loved to see CH Coffee move into that space, I’ll take whatever we can get. And vintage furniture would be pretty sweet.

  • Sounds good. Just hope that vintage = junk only. 🙂 A mix of junk with select pieces of say real vintage Nordic design and other modern design pieces here and there would be awesome – I mean at least for drooling over while sipping the coffee from next door.

  • Mean to say of course “that vintage is NOT = junk only”.

  • What would Mr William Jordan want? A Kite store? j/k

  • Im with Nick in any number of ways. (Perhaps you’d like to stop by our house for conversation during the period when both of our wives are silenced? Or perhaps we could simply nod at each other over a beer?)

    I too welcome the retail and think that more will almost certainly mean better in the long run.

  • I’d still rather have an expanded CH Coffee of course, but that sounds pretty good. The space seems a little small for a vintage furniture store and there isn’t a ton of foot traffic, but if they can make it work, bring it on. Hell of a lot better than a dilapidated vacant space. Now if only the owners of the space next to Acuario would put it up for rent or renovate it …

  • It’s not another bar, so I think it’s very good news. Hope they can stay afloat in this economy. Not a huge market for furniture these days.

  • a vintage kite store would do amazing here!

  • Vintage kite stores would have to be the hip thing in NYC before DC gets on that bandwagon and rides the wheels off it (see cupcakes, frozen yogurt, etc). Or could the vintage kite store be the first sign that DC is finally ready to trail blaze? Make me proud, District.

  • Furniture = Boring

  • What this block really needs is an Arby’s.

  • Honestly, I don’t understand why the vintage/antique stores in this town are all so spread out. You’d think that they’d all benefit the foot traffic that comes with being a little more concentrated, and you’d also think (or at least I would) that a place like 11th St. in Columbia Heights would be perfect for that sort of thing.

  • I overheard a rumor of a used bike shop going into this space, which would be fantastic!

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