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The reader writes:

“I frequent past this sign on the way to and from my fiance’s place and thought this would be something you’d like to have on your blog. Sadly, the proclamation on the sign isn’t true… the store has been closed for a couple years now, but I hear that the owner’s trying to open it up again soon. If he is, there’s a LOT of work to be done w the store before he can open it up for business again.

This is on 3rd and M St, NE”

Coldest Beer in Town is among the greatest proclamations I have ever read in our fair city.

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  • I live around the corner from this, and actually, the old owner wants to reopen *WITHOUT* doing a lot of work to the place! But he’s got some serious zoning issues to take care of first, since the place has been closed for so long.

  • Wow – if he plans on reopening the place without doing much renovations, then I wouldn’t expect him to last much longer with the new Harris Teeter coming in just a block down the road.

    I think the store only managed to get by back in the day is probably because they had customers who bought those 40 oz single beer cans/bottles. But with the ban in effect, there’s no way this store’ll last.

  • We should be encouraging zoning for corner businesses, not telling them that they have to convert it into a residence. It’s so lame and NIMBY. Places like Gtown and Cap Hill have cool, interesting businesses on corners in residential neighborhoods. Many cities have BARS on corners in residential neighborhoods (would never fly here)

  • Corner businesses = good, in general

    Corner liquor stores that don’t want clean up their outside, remove the bulletproof glass, etc. = bad

    If the owner wants to apply for a coffee shop, restaurant, dry cleaners, bank, or almost anything else there would be a lot of community support. For me, at least, I’d support a bar right there. This is zoned residential, but it’s across the street on both sides from commercial zoned property, so an appropriate business, with a reputable operator, would have better luck getting a variance to open up here.

    But as it is, the guy ran an awful business in the past, and hasn’t kept up the building since he closed down, or even done simple things like shovel snow off of the sidewalk. If that’s NIMBY, then hell yes, but I don’t think a shady liquor store should be opening up in any other neighborhood either.

  • Anon 6:55, I see your point. The reason I defended the business reopening is because, well, it’s REopening. But, given that he needs a variance now since it’s zoned residential, I can see how community support should be a prerequisite.

  • How, being closed for years and all, did they get one of those sweet Motown 50 signs on the side of this place? Are those old too?

  • The signs have continually changed over the years, and those are pretty new. Maybe he still has a contract with someone for that wall space? The business has been closed for about 5 years. But I agree, those are pretty sweet signs.

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