Reader Submitted Door of the Day (Re-PoP)

photo, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when readers submit doors of the day. Sometimes I have to be reminded that other folks actually like doors as much as I do. The reader writes:

“This front door is located at 1730 Florida Ave, NW. I first noticed it today although I live around the corner from the house.

As you may be able to tell in the attached photo, and the reason I think this door is a good candidate, is that the door is rather short. I am 5’3″ and wondered if I could walk into the house through it without having to bend my knees. You can also see the front door at the house next door and that makes for a good comparison.”

I believe in the past folks have referred to these doors as “hobbit doors”. They most definitely kick ass.

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  • It just looks shorter because it is much wider than the Colonial-Revival door to the left. If you measure them both (I used a pen cap), you’ll see they’re the same height… It’s all an illusion!

  • Isn’t this Nils’ and Mindy’s place? They are not hobbits.

  • We are nils and mindy.we live here! And we are NOT hobbits!we love this door. (BTW, nils wants JohnnyReb to know that it’s not illusion- he’s tall and sometimes hits his head.)

  • Yup. ’tis a door of low proportions but no less magical for within lies the lair of smindy and snils…

  • This home has been fondly known, in several artistic/activist communities, as the Hobbit House since 2000 and was inhabited by some lovely people before it became Nil’s and Mindy’s place. Oooo…the parties we had there. *sigh*

  • The address is actually ‘1730 V Street, NW’ (it’s a few doors before that street becomes Florida). I lived there from 2000-2007 during some politically active days. If those walls could speak….. The door was green (i think a more attractive look) and the ivy was growing over. They renovated when we moved out. This home really was a magical place for me. I would love to meet Mindy and Nils!!! I miss DC terribly, and want to come home.

  • I pass by that house every day. Hi Nil and Mindy- we are neighbors 🙂

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