Random Shoe Sightings

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We’ve all heard the rumors/urban legends of what it means when shoes are thrown over telephone wires. So I guess this one was sent as a message by Long and Foster…

This one was even odder:


I swear that was not staged. That was exactly how I saw it. I shudder to think what it may mean. Any ideas?

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  • it means someone was really really drunk when they walked home.

  • RuPaul and the Washington Times have teamed for an exciting new marketing campaign…

  • Yeah, this had to be some kind of incident involving a drag queeen.

  • I suspect it’ the Rapture, and the owners have been swept away.

  • Did anyone see an Amazon woman missing a heel yesterday? The picture makes the shoe look like a size 13…

  • i’m with fonzy. not sure if it’s an optical illusion by some trick of the camera or if the shoe really is that big. if that shoe is for a woman, it’s freakishly large!

  • nofictiondc, wouldnt that mean that said owner was standing on top of the times box, totally nude except for that one shoe? man, christians are WEIRD!

  • With home prices in the neighborhood off 30% and nobody buying, sellers are getting desperate. This one is offering a pair of early-80s sneakers with purchase, hoping to reel in the hipster market.

  • the Long and Foster comment is the funniest thing i’ve ever read on this blog

  • I felt like doing that to my Miu Miu’s last night after the Caps game. I had to take them off and walk a block that was not fully covered in glass. Where are the bike taxis when you need them? Nice shoe though.

  • Too funny. I lost one shoe of my fav pair during an escapade in college and searched the street for days in the hopes I would reunite the two. No dice. I hope it ended up like that one.

  • What is the urban legend about shoes over telephone wires?

  • wow. now that is one big hooker!

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