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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave: It’s GORGEOUS outside…and I’m playing hooky. :o)

  • It was great to see so many DC citizens out volunteering on Saturday! I’m glad to have been one of them.

  • Rant: All the shootings this past weekend.
    Rant2: All Hands on Deck seems like a complete failure and waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Bring back “In Defense Of”. Bobama lovers be damned!

  • Scuttlebutt!
    On Saturday night, around midnight, my boyfriend and I were lying in bed looking out our southeast facing window and we heard a huge “thump” in the distance (ie: explosion) and an incredibly bright flash of light that was coming from the Union Station direction.
    It was incredible! We both scattered and put our clothes on because of all the sirens we heard and went on a walk down North Capitol just to make sure nothing happened at the ATF building… However, we didn’t feel safe crossing New York at almost 1am so we could not discover what is was that had happened and we were left wondering why we didn’t see anything on the news, or reading anything on the web!
    One of our friends pointed out that it is the direction of the SEC building and with all the IMF protester hoopla it might have been related to that and subsequently kept under the radar? I doubt that is possible but my curiosity is killing me!!!!


  • Rant: all the shootings.

    This was just posted on the columbia heights yahoo listserv, concerning a shooting in broad daylight Sunday afternoon:

    Here is a description of the events from an eyewitness:

    I’m writing to confirm the shooting at 14th and Harvard today. In fact, I witnessed the entire incident at about 4:10PM. Was in my car on Harvard about to turn south onto 14th when I saw a young black male on the opposite side of the intersection pull a black handgun out of his pocket. He lifted the gun and started shooting (about 3 or 4 shots) at another young black male running east on Harvard. Still in shock my friend and I turned right to get out of there but got stuck at the red light by Dunkin Donuts. The shooter (black male, jeans, red t-shirt) came running south on 14th behind us so we decided to drive through the red light to create some distance. Another SUV did the exact same as us and ran the red light to get the hell out of there. We immediately called 911 to report what we had just witnessed. The shooter disappeared by the apartment building on the SW corner of 14th and Harvard.

    The scary thing is that this happened in the middle of the day and the people involved looked like they were no older than 15 or 16. People walking nearby on the sidewalk hit the ground as soon as they heard shots.

    Still in shock…

  • Rave: A litter free New Hampshire Ave. from the Metro to Grant Circle – Thanks, Neighbors!

  • Rant: Where in the heck are all these young kids getting guns and ammo?

  • Rant: Violence in my neighborhood again. Sucks.

    All Hands On Deck might not stop everything, but I still prefer the greater police presence to a lack of it. Worth every penny in my view and I hope they continue it.

  • Rant/Rave: I’m glad its not cold anymore. but Jesus pete could we wait until it wasn’t so polleny to get so hot. I feel like after sleeping with my window fan in last night I could have hit the blankets and a plum of yellow would have sprung up.

    Rave: my office really likes me and got me roses and a rose shaped baking pan for administrative assistance day.

    Rant: it makes me feel really guilty that I’m going to have to leave here to go to school.

  • Rant: Oak pollen. Possibly laid off.

    Rave: might get laid off just in time for summer!

  • Rant: I witnessed a DC parking enforcement official cruising down Irving St. this morning at a crawl (scoping out offenders), talking on her cell phone (which last time I checked was illegal in DC). Then when someone was trying to pull out of a parking spot, she sort of slowed down like she was going to let the girl out, then suddenly tore past her on the right. Are DC employees exempt from ALL District laws or just the ones they choose to ignore?

  • Rants and raves are all kind of mixed together here – I took two neighborhood boys hiking in Rock Creek Park on Sat. They were super excited – a whole new world for them – literally! They live on Shepard street, so just about a mile away, but didn’t even really know there WAS a park. They didn’t know one could actually walk in the woods on trails.

    They (at 10 & 12) had never skipped stones – but one eventually got a good 8 or 9 skips. I asked them what kind of animals we might see, they suggested a Moose and a Roadrunner. They didn’t know what a hawk was, or that there were other kinds of birds besides pigeons and sparrows. We did see a whopping big-ass (like garbage-can lid size) snapping turtle in the creek.

    We need to get more kids into the woods!

  • saturday, got up early, hit the dog park, then the vet, got back in time for community clean up with fellow popvillians. came home and potted some plants, then hit cardoza for a soccer game (we lost 🙁 ), ended the night with good friends and an ok movie!

    sunday, i went to the pediatric aids benefit/fashion show at left bank with a good friend… she wore one of my pieces and a lady bought it right off her neck for $60! my first sell, woot! then had a great sausage burger at wonderland to finish off a fantastic weekend.

    i feel like a new man in this weather!

  • Rant: The pollen! – not only did I have to use the AC last night just to sleep, I keep sneezing and coughing and people look at me like I’m contagious. It’s not the flu people, just everything blooming at once.

    Rave: What an absolutely beautiful morning this AM. I walk to work (Sherman Circle to 13th and L NW) and it was utterly perfect – light breeze, low humidity. I’d prefer a little more spring before we hit 90, but this morning couldn’t be beat.

  • This isn’t really a rant or a rave…..but rather a question:

    Anyone know where a self-service /coin operated car wash is?? Anywhere in DC or right outside would be awesome. I’m having a hard time finding anything online.

  • car wash is on Rhode Island Avenue two blocks east of Logan.

  • @victoriam – good for you. That is awesome

  • MSJ200, DC employees are not exempt not even the police. Next time get the tag # and date/time of offense. Call 311 and report the heck out of them AND i would even go as far as calling the particular dept (DDOT in this case I think) to report what they did (uhm…yes I have done this before).

  • Rant: achoo! stupid allergies ruined the rest of my day on Saturday after the cleanup
    Rave: the rain Sat. night must have washed some pollen out of the air b/c I was feeling better in time for a lunch date on Sunday
    Rant: roommate managed to set off the fire alarm after I went to bed last night and also used all our milk without replacing it — it made for a grumpy morning until I was finally able to have my coffee!

  • Rant: Too many @#$*^#$ shootings this weekend!

    Rave: Great BBQ with friends on Saturday. Sunday worked on my dirt patch – the soil is starting to look healthy enough for plants soon. Today is another beautiful day today.

  • Rave: Back from super awesome vacation in Mexico!
    Rant: Now I have to wonder if I’m going to come down with Swine flu.

  • rant: operation live link. they never answer their phones. im so tired of the community meetings and police that completely ignore our calls to get this giant crew of teenage drug dealers off the corner of 14th and meridian. im about to go out and beat their scooters to oblivian, steal THEIR bikes for a change. since there is now a spotlight on the corner, they are now doing their deals in front of my house. i’ve seen 3 today. and no one ever comes….

  • RAVE: I took my two dogs to the “dog park” across from Red Rocks Pizza. They had a blast and made many new friends. All the people were totally nice and all the dogs got along great, except a few minor upheavals, which occasionally happens with dogs. Great day.

    RANT: So because me and my dogs had such a wonderful time, we returned the next day. Fewer dogs, but my girls were having fun. Some chick came into the dog park with her Yorkie type dog and it freaked when my two medium sized dogs ran up to it. Alas, a fight happened. We apologized and restrained our dogs. She asked for our information so she could go to the vet to have her dog checked out (scratch on tail) we gave to her and left.

    RANT RANT: That *itch called DC Animal Control and now they have to come “check out” our dogs. WTF! It’s a dog park…stuff happens all the time between dogs. I would have been more than happy to pay any vet bills even thought it was her freaked out dog that started it. Now….

  • Rant: F—ing violence in the neighborhood.

  • Rave….. sleeping with the windows opening! waking up to chirping and breezes. Ceiling fans. Sweet smelling air. Hearing the sanitation truck backing through the alley and feeling thankful there are good people willing to follow line of work.

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