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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

I’m hoping for some revels…

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  • Does anyone know how much one of those nice roller-garage doors — the kind that people install for privacy to their parking space behind row houses that roll up into an enclosed rectangular box — costs roughly? Relatedly, does anyone have a good reference for a company that installs the same?

  • Just off Independence Avenue, 5:30pm yesterday: I saw a tourist looking curiously at the parking ticket he received. Ha ha – those tricky rush hour restrictions get them all the time!

  • So, I’ve had it with my apartment building in Columbia Heights (Tivoli Gardens 1145 Otis and Ogden) They are unwilling to treat the out of control bed bug problem in the building. I have called to have my apartment sprayed at lest 4 times and they will only treat the units in which the occupants complain. Do you think the 7 people living in the studio next to me call to get sprayed….I don’t think so. I didn’t bring these things with me when I moved in so obviously they are moving from unit to unit in the walls or floors. So after having my girlfriend rightfully so tell me she can’t come to my place anymore after she has been chewed the F up multiple times I have no choice but to move out, but not until June 1st (30 days from the first of a month, ya know) So now I’m gun-shy about living anywhere in CH and am thinking of relocating to the other side of the hospital center. Oh, and once I move, since I will surely be taking some of these bugs with me, it’s a minimum of $450 for me to hire an exterminator to treat my new place and kill them all….It’s been a really bad week.

  • One of the managers at Harris Teeter is an amazingly good whistler and yesterday was whistling Mozart as he walked around the store – perfect pitch, lovely tone, delicate tremolo.

    And my garden peas are growing vigorously – a good 5-6 inches so far!

  • I have been microwaving Peeps this week. I think this rates as a revel.

  • My camellias are in full bloom, I designed a web site for a group I co-founded, and a big work project is over and done with.

  • Rant: Sadness
    Rave: Will hopefully get to relocate the garden and then plant things in it this weekend, maybe even liberate the caddy if it doesn’t rain!!

  • Amusing rant: The first thing I saw when walking out of my bedroom this morning was my housemate sitting on the toilet. He didn’t know I was home so had the door open.

    Rave: It’s Good Friday, and as I work for a Christian organization, I have the off. “Its Friday, but Sunday’s comin’!”

  • Rant and Rave: I moved to Brookland.

  • Wow, Otis Pl, that’s rough. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can speak to this, but I’d suspect you might be justified in stopping paying rent and moving out immediately — I can’t believe that bedbugs don’t break some sort of code and thus your building is breaking a contract with you to provide a habitable place to live, therefore giving you the right you break your end of the bargain by not continuing to pay rent.

    And I also don’t think you should have to give up on Columbia Heights — if the newer buildings are out of your price range (which they mostly are for all but the rich) — there are a lot of responsible homeowners renting out their basements who wouldn’t have you living with bedbugs since it’d mean they were living with them too.

  • Rant: Long, Stressful, Expensive, Ridiculous Week.

    Rave: Nice weather, lots of fun plans this weekend, made an interesting discovery that caused me to smile.

  • Otis Place- we had bed bugs in NYC. Yeah, it will basically do nothing but move them from one apartment to another if they don’t treat the whole building.

    When we moved to DC we took a lot of precautions to try to and not take them with us.

    Here is what we did:

    Got rid of the matress, bed and anything that was close to the bed.
    We vacuum sealed anything that was fabric like clothes, towels, sheets, curtains (if we didn’t just get rid of them) and then put them straight from the vacuum sealed bag to the washer and dryer.

    Lastly, we bought a hand steam cleaner and I steam cleaned everything before it went into the house. I think it also helped in that we moved in July and I am sure it it got really hot in the back of the moving truck…… heat will kill those buggers.

    Thankfully, we didn’t transfer any of the bed bugs….. I really feel for you we were tortured for at least year with those damn things.

  • Otis Pl. – You too can win against bed bugs! My old roommate and I exterminated them ourselves using this kit: http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/get_rid_bed_bugs.htm

    Heat is the only thing that kills bed bugs, so wash EVERYTHING with hot water before you move into your new place. They also love crevices, so pay the most attention to the area where your bed meets the wall.

    As for switching neighborhoods, bed bugs can strike anywhere. Most people unknowingly pick them up in hotels and don’t realize it until they’ve taken over. You’d be better off moving to a smaller building/row house where you can get to know your neighbors and be able to cooperate together when things like this happen.

    Good luck!

  • rant: boyfriend and i have ended it, i guess when i thought it was going well he decided i wasnt worth the distance and so today told me that because our other friends got food poisoning and wouldn’t be able to hang out he didn’t want to drive up because “5 hours is a long way if its just going to be us” so instead of having a productive day getting errands done i’m eating chips and dip and watching shitty daytime TV.

    rave: my best friend in the whole wide world is in town this weekend because its her birthday and i can spend as much time as i want with her. nothing like friends you’ve had since diapers to make you feel better about life.

  • @ cbw: condolences. “5 hours is a long way if its just going to be us” … that is some pretty class-A douchery. Good thing you’ve got your best friend with you this weekend.

  • all this bed bug talk is making me itchy… we have bed bugs in the office!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rant: My one year old hot water heater is no longer making hot water.

    Rave/Fear: I will add to my homeowner handyman skills and do some basic plumbing this weekend. (it can’t be that hard to change the heating element, right?)

  • @Otis,
    I saw this special on TV the other day about a guy who trained his dog to find bedbugs. You would be amazed to learn that even after you have your own place sprayed, it might actually still be your very own bedbugs that are infesting your house! The dog was called in after a home owner repeatedly had their house sprayed and it found bugs in all kinds of places that they had not expected. After they were all found they were able to exterminate them for good, and like the other people above said, you are just as likely to move out and take them with you.

    Rave: Had an awesome time with my girl Dillon last night, we went to a charity event where I won a mixed media grab bag…was a little disappointed when I opened it and discovered what was inside…but I still won something which was fun!

  • Rant: After not receiving an electric bill for 8 months I get one yesterday for $1600. $200/month for my 600 sq ft apartment w/o central air is simply not possible. What to do??

  • Thanks to everyone for their tips with the Bed bugs. These little bugs are really turning my world upside down. I was thinking that I should look for a smaller building or basement apt. I’m thinking of using these folks when I move to my new place (1 year guarantee)

    Also I mistyped the building address it’s: 1445 Otis and Ogden

  • Rave2: I was in the car today getting lunch, when I heard an old friend from college call into the radio show I had on to give his 2 cents. It was pretty funny and def. made what would have been a rather mundane errand much more interesting!

  • Rant – that someone who would steal a 92 year old man’s dog.

    Rave – pho, new pizza place, warm weather.

  • Rant: I had jury duty this week

    Rave: I didn’t get picked for a jury AND I had the most hilarious and enthusiastic juror manager guy (don’t know what else to call him, but he was great entertainment.)

  • Rant: We bought our little CH rowhouse for a buttload of $$$ in 2005 at the hight of the housing bubble.

    Rave: We’re not renting anymore and therefore probably (knock on (hard)wood (floors)) won’t have the wondefful company of BEDBUGS!

  • Rave: week at the beach with awesome friends and pups.

    Rant: weather has been terrible every day but today and now I am super sunburnt.

  • Rant: Cycled 30 blocks to the Red and the Black to see a friend play a gig. Officious door woman and then bar manager wouldn’t let me in- Turns out that although it’s accepted in 27 EU member states, 50 American States and every other bar in DC, my European driving licence which states that I’m 31 (!!!) is not valid ID in DC. If I’d taken my WTFB Bar Manager’s training course apparently I’d know this.

    Rave: Went to the Pug instead- barman gave me free drinks. I love that bar.

  • BritChick – Don’t take it personally. I’ve been told flat-out by an official at the DC Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration and the DC Police personnel they work with to enforce DC alcohol laws that non-USA identification of any type [license, passport, etc] are NOT valid. For serving someone without ‘valid’ id, the fines start a $1000 for bar employee AND manager AND owner for the first offense and go up from there.

    All of us working at bars/restaurants/clubs know this is ridiculous, but we’re not risking the fines and likely being fired over this. Some bars will let you in, such as those that haven’t been hit by ABRA stings recently or just don’t care, but giving individual bar employees crap over this kind of thing will get you nowhere. Welcome to DC and our ridiculous gov’t.

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