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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • I find it odd, 3 separate events, 2 DC-based Wendy’s, in the last month, someone (middle age person of color) gets in line or just wanders around the place ranting on and on over Wendy’s hiring of hispanics. Is there some memo that I missed in the DC black community about competition with Hispanics for jobs at Wendy’s? I was surprised management let them rant on and on, getting in customer’s faces, really making for a poor dining experience. Even more surprising was the racist remarks in public like that, with photo of Martin Luther King prominently displayed in the background. I could see the hurt in the eyes of the nice latino lady working there, and was hoping the nice latino family with children eating nearby weren’t also made to feel bad. But what was the Wendy’s manager to do? Unfortunately, lame as I am, I just grabbed my freedom fries and left the establishment.

  • If you’re black, you’re allowed be racist. NOT

  • Yeah that’s pretty normal for DC, and one of the reasons it sucks to try and run an eatery in many parts of town. On top of normal business challenges, you are the de facto mental clinic and asshole attractor for the block. MPD and DC gov don’t help, so don’t ask. Its normal elsewhere too. A couple weeks ago I almost got into fisticuffs with a guy on the bus who was convinced I had something to do with MLK’s assassination, though it happened a decade before my birth. Let’s just say I look forward to changing my commute one day. Although that situation wasn’t bad, I am pretty sure I coulda taken the guy…

  • Rave: Over the next week, I will have NINE out-of-town guests.

    Rant: Over the next week, I will have NINE out-of-town guests.

  • rave: i had the BEST birthday party this weekend…absolutely phenomenal!

    rant: im now closer to 30 than 20 🙁

  • Rant: My roommate came home Friday night at 10 pm so wasted she couldn’t walk. she puked in the tub (i don’t know how she missed the toilet since you get to it first in the bathroom but whatever) and waited until 4 pm the next day to clean it up. and she only cleaned it up because i told her i needed to shower and i refused to clean it up. To make matters worse I have an extremely paralyzing vomit phobia so i pretty much had a nonstop panic attack until she cleaned. Oh, and shes never cleaned our apartment before (we’ve lived there 10 months) so she had to ask me where the cleaning supplies were located.

    Rave: I am moving out in a month or so.

    rave2: i work for a christian organization so I have Friday off and am road tripping to see the boyfriend. woot.

  • Rave: the pillow fight this weekend was amazing! Yay for outbreaks of mass joy!

    Rave: Journey to the End of the Night DC is coming!

  • Rave: I’m checking PoP from my balcony at the beach.
    Rant: Tornado warning.
    Rave: The clouds seem to be passing.
    Rave: NCAA Final tonight! GO STATE!!

  • Rave: I ran the Cherry Blossom with an average 7:42 mile!
    Rant: If anybody asked me to walk a mile today, my knee would explode.

  • Rave: I fixed the new bathroom sink – no more leak. I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway after he made his first fire. “Fire! I…I have made fire! [pounding on chest].” Anyway, it’s nice not having to brush my teeth and shave in the kitchen sink any more.

    Rant: My refrigerator is dying a slow death. We have had people out to work on it four times. Every time I am optimistic and think that it will be back for the long haul. It works for a couple of weeks, then freezer up all over again. Time to quit kidding myself and get a new one.

    Rave #2: For certain health reasons my household is going gluten-free. While this is sure to be a bit of a pain in the rear from time to time, I am happy to announce that Red Ridge Beer (gluten-free) actually tastes like beer (and good beer at that) and not beer substitute. Thank you Anheuser-Busch.

  • Rant: On travel in Suffolk, Virginia on DoD business where I’ve just finished up 5 computer based courses, 4 briefings, a written exam, loads of paperwork, and way more…so I can do 2-3 days worth of work.

    Rave: there’s a pub in nearby Norfolk that has 32 beers on tap and serves some(dare I say it?) vegan food. I love college towns.

  • Binklesworth,

    Out of curiosity, what’s the name of that pub in Norfolk you mentioned?

  • Rant: Locked myself out of my house friday morning in a downpour, got a $95 ticket on my way home for an expired inspection in VA, cheap local hotel lost my reservation but were happy to reccomend plenty of expensive national chains, date had the stomach flu all weekend, didn’t get an invitation to the teaching fellowship I applied for.

    Rave: Quality time with family & friends, lots of good music this weekend, hopefully scored some brownie points for being the cool headed, hair holding, pepto weilding knight in shining armor.

  • sorry you had such a craptastic weekend flipflop 🙁

  • Rant: I’m not exactly where I want to be in life.

    Rave: I have a pretty darn good life!

  • Rant / Request for help

    A few motivated residents of Kenyon Square are trying to impose restrictions on pet owners in the building – beginning with banning dogs from the roof, but with hints of additional restrictions, fees, and the threat of fines to come. Can they get away with this?! Seriously, is this legal?

    The building was clearly and consistently defined and marketed as a dog-friendly building. The roof was described as a great place for residents to come with their dogs. Pet owners have a hard time finding a place to live; Kenyon Square’s promise of being a pet-friendly community played a huge role in the decisions of some residents (like me) to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to live here.

    Can the condo board rescind rights that were promised to me when i bought my condo simply because other residents want to avoid the costs and trouble of dealing with my pet? I think that when you move into a pet-friendly building, you should expect to live among people who feel that their right to share the roof with their dog is a big deal, whether you understand that sentiment or not.

  • Rave: Chipotle in Kenyon Square and Haagen-Dazs at the Allegro!
    Rant: Trash on streets in Columbia Heights keeps getting worse.

  • Anonymous at 2:53,

    I don’t know that I have an answer to your question, but the condo board at the L in CityVista was recently considering the same thing (banning dogs from the courtyard, consideration of a “pet fee”). I’m a renter at the building and was pretty upset about it, as were some owners. At the very least, organize yourself with other dog owners so that you can vote and speak out at the meeting where they propose these restrictions. They certainly can’t do anything regarding fees without putting it to a vote.

    I am not a real estate lawyer so I can’t opine on whether it’s illegal or not, but you should definitely check through your condo docs to see what was promised, maybe even contact the developer to see if there’s anything in writing that was promised. Also, I don’t know if this will help, but I was told by a landlord that pet fees (at least in terms of rentals) are illegal under the DC Housing Code; apparently buildings either can allow pets or can ban them, they aren’t allowed to charge a separate monthly fee other than an additional deposit.

    I agree with your sentiment that if you bought into a pet friendly building you should expect that pets be in the building and can use the space. Reasonable restrictions I can even understand, like not letting your dog run free without a leash, but additional fees and fines are unfair.

    Hope this helps a bit, good luck!

  • Anon re: the dog thing, if you signed a condo document of some sort (or rental agreement) and the pet thing was clearly stipulated in there, then the condo board is basically breaking that agreement. They cannot do this without either enticing you to sign a new agreement somehow, or by grandfathering you in regards to the new agreement, ie you can have your pet but new owners cannot.

    However, if you have no written document and signed agreement giving you certain rights re: your pets, you got nothing to go on. Also, I imagine some condo boards just need a majority to overcome your opposition.

  • tmk: Tap House Grill!

  • Thanks for the responses.

    Kenyon Square is just now reaching 75% occupancy; a permanent condo board has not been established yet. The condo documents I agreed to when I moved in describe the community as pet-friendly. It is hard to view a community as pet-friendly if it charges high fees to keep pets and then merely tolerates them within the owners’ units. They would certainly be breaking the intent of the initial agreement. Specific talk of pets being allowed on the roof were all limited to conversations with sales agents.

    Pennywise – nobody has suggested banning pets yet – just policies to make residency restricted, difficult, and expensive for pet owners.

  • WTF! …someone just lifted the Piggy-Bank from my cubicle while I was at a firm-wide meeting on the state of the economy. I can understand stealing bases, stealing hearts, stealing identities, children, and pets; HOWEVER, a man’s spare change is sacred ground!

    To the the turdburglar who lifted my penny-laden swine, I hope you die in a fire while choking on a bag of dicks.


  • Dog-owning anon: I don’t know anything about the legality, but I would suggest that when you make your case, you leave out anything about how hard it is to find a place to live with a dog. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the issue. Sort of like when you’re trying to get a raise, you NEVER mention your own money issues.
    Gather up any of the marketing materials (your realtor might have it on file if you didn’t keep it), print out pet-language from the website before they take it down, etc. This will all be very psychologically important in making them stick to the original terms. People tend to think that if it can’t be proved, it never happened. You might be able to save yourself legal proceedings by waving this stuff in their face.

  • Dog-owner: you can also get past website information from the Wayback machine http://www.archive.org/index.php. That way if they pull stuff off the website before you can get copies, there is a chance it was archived.

  • Anon @4:36

    I agree that personal money troubles are irrelevant when being considered for a raise – and mentioning them will just make your boss question your motivations for being in your job… But unlike saying “I took the job for the paycheck”, I see no reason to downplay the fact that I chose to live at Kenyon Square specifically because of the promised pet-friendly environment that is now being threatened. Beyond just being the regulatory framework at the time, this was described as an inherent property of the community. I think the non-pet-owners don’t “get” how valuable an amenity this is, nor how clearly and specifically this amenity was marketed towards potential residents with pets.

    I’m definitely copying down any marketing references to pets in condo documents, on the website, and wherever I can find it.

  • I live in Kenyon (as a renter) and don’t have a pet but love all the dogs in the building. If there are any petitions to be signed, I’ll add my name and I’ll inform my owner about this.

    Rant: To the middle-aged Lance Armstrong wannabe Sunday afternoon on Calvert St who was pulling open the car door of the terrified girl who apparently did something to anger you, you are a dick.
    Rave: Thanks to the guy who got out of his car and physically pulled him away from the car, saving me from having to get out of my car and do the same.

  • Wow. Flipflop is having one colossally bad week.

    Rave: I went to see the cheery blossoms for the first time since I was three.

  • DogAnon: if there’s nothing explicit in your condo docs I don’t think you have much to stand on. I was told my area was on the up and up when I bought, for example!

    With that said, I am sure you can muster enough resistance to scuttle efforts against pets. I’ve never dealt with a condo board as I knew I was an angry prick and would not play well with such a body, but friends of mine have. I’ve learned they are often all hot air, actually getting changes made to the governing documents are rare.

    Big love out to flipflop! Hang in there.

  • dog-owner, I’m curious because I have never owned a condo and I’m not familiar with how it works in a new building — did you agree to any basic list of condo rules when you bought your place? It would seem like the developers would have to provide some set of basic rules just to get the place off the ground (which future condo boards could change, of course).

    If a new condo board has not been set up yet, I suggest seeking out other dog/pet owners in the building and getting a few of them onto the new board so that your rights are well-represented. That said, you share the building with other people and their rights have to be considered as well — good luck!

  • Oh right — my rave: went to see a few friends in NY over the weekend and had a good time hanging out with them and seeing a film that one of their friends directed.

    rant: nothing really, except that I’m still at work, waiting for my computer program to finish doing its magic so I can go home… any second now…

  • rant: wore flip-flops for commute and by the time the evening bus came, my toes were frozen.

    rave: i have a cool new job. i saw cherry blossoms saturday. i love the dc metro system – it is so clean and actually on time. sunday a guy asked for my phone number! and today i got my entire security deposit returned from my last landlord. awesome for a monday.

  • Rave- Checked out the cherry blossom festivities this weekend
    Rant – Had to miss BJM due to work (damn hiring freeze)

  • @Pennywise

    Thursday I was walking from Parkview down to the Velvet Lounge to catch Ol’ Scratch and Admiral Browning. En route my girlfriend and I were shouted at by some dude ranting about crackers. My girlfriend is AA and he had even worse things to say about her for dating someone of my persuasion.

    So much for MLK’s dream.

    Rave: O’l Scratch was F@$%ING AWESOME! The air was THICK, they call it sludge-metal for a reason. And the drinks were off the chain!

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