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2 - landing carpet removed

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I thought you might be interested to see my photos from my wife and my experience of removing hideous carpet and renovating original floors in our rowhouse on 2nd street in Ledroit Park.”

6 - after

Looks awesome! If anyone else has worked on some home improvement projects or is currently working on one please send photos to princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  • Great job! I want to do this in my house, but am terrified of what I’ll find under the carpet…

  • Did you do the floor refinishing yourself, or hire?

  • Do folks like the shiny floors or satin finish? I had that conundrum myself. I went with a clear, satin, water based poly. I find that the satin hides scrathes better over the long run. Just curious to preferences…I can see where a nice shiney floor would be a good sell point.

  • Steve, for me it would depend on which type is easier to clean or maintain the look of clean for the longest. Aesthetics aside, any idea which performs better with that as the main issue?

  • A gloss finish shows scratches, a dark color shows dust. I like the ordinary old satin finish oak floors, from a maintenance point of view.

  • I’m having a kitchen reno and the contractor excised a few wood floor pieces to repair a long standing damaged portion with has bugged me for years. The project is messy and expensive, but sometimes the little things are most rewarding.

    Enjoy your ‘new’ floor!

  • I used Park water based clear satin. Was a breeze to put down and really like the natrual color of red oak. For those who have no done this themselves, the color of the red oak is almsot luminour as the old dark finish is sanded away. Over the past 3+years I have found it wears well, hides scrathes, and dust well. It also seem to brighen the interior of dark row homes. Was just curious what folks thought. When I was in the market, most of the places I looked at with new floors were all shiney and stained – led me to think that was a market preference for that.

  • Agents and developers seem to think that gleam is like a shiny new toy to a kid, but there is real value in having a softer matte finish to floors. It’s a warmer look, and it highlights the wood tones better than a high sheen finish

  • I did this myself with my wife and a rented sander. we are not developers! did this while living in the home (and getting everything covered with 1/2 inch of dust). definitely didn’t think through the glossy poly, as it looks odd, BUT it has held up for several years now without ANY scratches. pretty impressive. it’s the standard stuff from home depot.

    more pix are here http://ledroitpark.blogspot.com/2007/03/houses-previous-renovators-had-covered.html

  • Slightly off-topic: What is a reasonable hour to begin renovating (when there are downstairs tenants)? I’m a downstairs tenant, with an absent landlady, and this morning, when the electrician began drilling at 6.30 am after clomping about with his big, heavy boots for about 30mins, I had to put my foot down! I hate confrontation. And he had the gall to say, “But it’s almost 7”. Is 7am the cutoff time for unreasonably loud renovations to begin? I’ve had a long week, was looking forward to having a nice lie-in this morning, and here I am, on PoP, ranting. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened – it’s been going on for weeks and I’m so pissed off right now.

    Anyone know of a decent 1 bedroom apartment in NW DC? I may need to move before the summer rush begins. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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