PoPtrekker – Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park

This episode of PoPtrekker features the neighborhoods of Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park. You can see previous PoPtrekker episodes here. This remains a joint Prince of Petworth/ Intangible Arts production. If you have a suggestion for a future PoPtrekker please email me directly.

Ed. Note: I’d like to quickly explain why I call the Washington City Paper’s Jule Banville an idiot. You may recall a few weeks ago the City Paper launched it’s “best of” issue. I know I shouldn’t respond to this but, damn it, I can be weak at times. At any rate, Ms. Banville penned a section called the Best Ridiculous Prince of Petworth Feature. Predictably, she selected the door of the day feature, and oddly a post on the residences at Georgia Ave. For her second “ridiculous” feature, she selected PoPtrekker. While not very witty it was actually quite a compliment to be given my own section. Here’s where I have a problem with what Ms. Banville wrote:

“…he then announces that PoPtrekker is brought to us “by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner Foundation.”…And we have to ask: Journalists are losing their jobs faster than they can say “twitterer” and a foundation is giving money to a blogger for this?”

Well, Jule, while it is clear that you are far cooler than I am, I thought the City Paper was an actual newspaper. Even if this was an obvious attempt at a snarky piece, I imagine you could have done a quick google search on the Ben and Sylvia Gardner Foundation and you would have found – nothing. That’s because the Ben and Sylvia Gardner Foundation is not a foundation. It is a tribute to my grandparents. So keep up the good work Jule and thanks for all the attention. You’ll have to let me buy you a beer sometime so I can properly show my gratitude. And I have to ask: Do you consider yourself a journalist?

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  • Awesome – so glad to see this from Ledroit! Big Bear, Timor, and Thai Xing are all so great.

    Regarding the street names, here’s a quick history of the Ledroit Park area


  • Legendary.

  • Someone doesn’t like door of the day? You don’t realize. I look at those doors, wonder where PoP finds them, love the wood and brass mailboxes, door knockers and other details. And all the doors I ever see are from Home Depot, have dumb screens in front of them or bars. The little shout out to the grandparents is cute.

  • More bitchiness, please.

    I like the doors as well.

  • EXcellent! Best one yet. I just wished you could of tippy toed to the Windows Cafe across the street. It kicks Timor’s ass. Wine and beer selection is unbelievable and some cool novelty food items as well.

  • The Washington City Paper’s best of edition is a joke. And there’s always someone who hates against something everyone else likes, just because. I dig all of the features.

  • PoP,

    Cool concept — I hope that if you two continue the project the “foundation” might spring for a shotgun mic and some kind of camera mount/harness. Fullscreen watching was a little rollercoaster-esque. I bet you have readers that are semi- or actual pros in the audio/video world and wouldn’t mind helping out.

  • The City Paper once again manages to embarrass itself. What else was in that issue, a 3,000 word expose on how the tooth fairy is not real? Pathetic.

  • cool man.
    also, life would be a little less worth living if there were no door of the day feature.

  • Well done.

  • The City Paper has been on a downward slide as far as editorial integrity goes, ever since they decided to hire Angela Valdez and other flunkies who make their minds up before they ever put in their first call on a story, in my humble opinion.

    On the otherhand, the piece they did last June when they exposed David The Nakamura’s coziness with the Fenty Administration was nothing short of brilliant.

    Overall though, I look at the City Paper as a dead wood sandwich around the one page of genius that is Dan Savage.

  • Maybe I’m showing my age here, but my opinion of the City Paper fell precariously when they dropped the PS MUELLER cartoon from the back cover ages ago.

    They were somewhat redeemed via Wemple’s FUEGO Y FRIO bit on their blog, but even that didn’t last.

    Of the two, I’d rather have the Mueller ‘toons back, though…

  • This is a great feature. Keep up the good work.

  • Great feature (as is the Door of the Day). Thanks for the entertainment and what you do for the city.

  • CP has been on a steady decline since they replaced Refrigerator Johnny with Stinkfish.

  • sssszzzsss…burnnnn….

    Way to clap back, Dan. And for all of your ‘ridiculousness’, they sure do love linking PoP in City Desk…

  • Keep on keeping on Prince. I like yer shit.

  • You know what they say….wipe that dirt of your shoulders. Franky, I’ve seen more good stuff on PoP than the City Paper in a loooong while. Keep those colorful doors, houses, neighborhood pics coming….

  • One more +1 to you PoP. I don’t even live in DC and I love this blog.

  • The City Paper, other than probably Jason Cherkis, hasn’t been relevant for a long time.

  • this is great – this is the kind of perspective that gets people out on the sidewalks exploring shops they didn’t know to go into before and neighborhoods they knew nothing about. thanks.

  • Really! And what about “The Angriest Dog in the World?” Sheer brilliance, and CP drops it. What’s up with that, CP?

  • To be fair, I think CP dropped “Angriest Dog/Lawnshark in the World” because David Lynch stopped drawing it.

  • Aw man, you need some lovin. The Shitty Paper is so thirty years ago. The writing has a 5% hit rate and Craig’s List and blogs made it irrelevant years ago. Meanwhile, you’re doing a great job. You’re a bit quirky but I love it. Love it!

  • A question about Bear Cafe – I noticed a small sign that required a minimum credit card purchase. The cashier/server at the time I purchased a cup of black coffee did not enforce the rule. According to Visa, this is against the credit card regulations and it could lead to Visa terminating service agreement with the store of complaint. I notice small shops typically push for minimum credit card purchases. This practice leads me to suspect that business owners are attempting to unethically increase revenue. What is the Bear Cafe take on this?


  • Alex didn’t even mention that he is the best bartender in DC, big ups to the Pug, yo!

  • windows kick’s timor’s ass??– that’s hilarious. Windows sources from huge vendors (horizon or stonyhill milk is the most obvious example) where they can get a deal. I prefer a business that really cares about the kind of meat, bread, dairy, and produce I get (ever heard of grass fed?? food miles?/) than a baby whole foods.

  • word, i read the city paper blog post dogging you and I kind of agreed with it at first, but now that I have read your retort, I am on your side.

    Umm….but if you had taken the high road and not called her an idiot, that would have been better. It is pretty clear that she an idiot.

    that was a good line…so do you consider URSELF a journalist. kind of like in silence of the lambs where dr. lector is like take a look at URSELF and clarice and the black chick were like naw, thats too hokey for dr. lector and then the guy shoves his junk btwn his legs and then get shot night visio style.

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