PoP Preview – Lounge of Three (III)


Back in December I wrote about the upcoming opening of Lounge of III, located at 1013 U Street, NW. A reader wrote in asking what was the status and I’m happy to report that they’ll be opening today (Monday, April 13th). I was given a quick tour and I have to say the place looks great. There are two levels. Downstairs there is a fairly big bar and a small seating area.


Upstairs (in the first photo) is more of a lounge area. It’s got a bunch of comfortable seats as well as a second bar.


There was a bit of a language barrier with the gentleman I spoke with but I believe the hours will be 10am – 1am. There will also be pub food served. I have to say I’m pretty excited that this section of U Street is getting a cool spot like this. Can’t wait to check it out.


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  • Are they still planning on having karaoke? That would be sweet

  • Looks a little cramped. I mean intimate.

    But any place where I can buy booze at 10am is okay in my book. That’s where Baltimore has DC beat: neighborhood watering holes where you can have beer for breakfast. Got them on every corner in Baltimore.

  • Here, here, Monkey! I miss the multitude of venues for we unemployed to start drinking at 10am. Or, in the case of one of my favorites, 9am. NattyBoh – it’s what’s for breakfast!

  • I thought this was the Lounge of Ill, as in sick, not III, as in 3. I’m kinda disappointed now.

  • I’ve got to try this place for some beersh @ ~10:00AM on Wednesdays when I’m “working at home”.
    I love DC.

  • New 930 club pregame spot?

    That’s so college…

  • I’ve only been to Lounge Of III during Wednesday Happy Hour, but the crowd was great! Graduate students, professionals all conversing and drinking beer over Hiphop Music. They run plenty of specials including half priced appetizers and many drink specials. The music was great – playing everything from Slick Rick to Blu & Exile and Oddisee. The bartender downstairs poured my drinks very heavy, just the way I like them.

    I really recommend going out there if you haven’t yet. Today’s sunny weather might just be the catalyst for it..

  • how did I miss this!?? YES!!

  • Anonymous finaly the karaoke night is here. every tuesday 8:00pm until midnight. come and check it out plenty of specials@ Lounge of Three 1013 U St. NW

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