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  • I passed these ladies right near there on Saturday afternoon… anyone know what they were doing?

  • looks like walking…

  • “Frankly, my dear PoP…”

  • All I can say is the gorgeous picture is ruined by the litter to the left. McD’s coffee and some clothes?

  • @Pennywise: Ruined or Authentic DC?
    be kind, people LIVE on those benches, 😉

    anyways, they were older, and didnt look like they were part of or heading to an event, i think it was just HOT out so why not get out the Victorian hoop skirts, we have all been there.

  • i do love to slip on my petticoat when the mercury rises.

  • saf

    Where was this taken? I think I know at least one of those ladies.

  • saf

    I do. I just went and looked at the picture – they’re members of FREED (Female Re-enactors of Distinction) who portray various black historic figures of the civil war era.

  • photo is geotagged, between duke ellington bridge and Walter pierce park

  • saf, not sure how you can spot a friend from behind and in antebellum style dress, but you get my kudos for that!

    FREED sounds cool…. Actually hot. Those dresses would be hot as hell today. Make sure your friend stays hydrated! 😉

  • saf

    Pennywise: It’s the dress – They all have a range of period garb, but some dresses go with specific period figures. I recognize Pat’s dress (she’s the lady on the right.)

  • I for one would love to see a proper Civil War re-enactment carried out in our cities streets. Instead of the Tupac style re-enactments we usually see.

    Give a high five to Pat!

  • Wow! Awesome FREED!

  • amazing how deep the knowledge of PoP commenters is!

  • saf

    Pennywise – well, go talk to the kids who re-create the colored troops at Marie Reed. Between them and FREED, you might get something. http://www.1stusctcadetregiment.org

    Add in that Ranger Ron (can’t remember his last name) has some really great programs coming up at Battleground Cemetery, and you might could get some good civil war stuff inside the city. Here, check out the podcasts, walk the Heritage Trail while you’re up there, and soon NPS will be announcing the new programs.

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