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  • “Who farted?”

  • Some of those Ethiopian/Eritrean/Somalian women (East African) are NICE too look at! 🙂

  • In some East African countries it’s considered immodest for a woman to show her face in a picture.

    Don’t know if that’s the case in this instance, but it’s more likely that than someone farted and caused them to cover their faced.

  • Those head scarves are so demoralizing…these women need to be rescued from their faith. They need to be free!

  • did these women sign a consent form for their image to be published?

  • not telling: I asked permission to take the photo. They were on a public sidewalk anyway…

    Is that okay with you?

  • consent is not needed if you’re in public

  • Zuckerman: Sorry for asking the obvious, but you were being sarcastic, correct?

    When I see these women walking to church together, I find myself thinking of the solitary, uncommunicative, unapproachable, laptop-absorbed coffee house dweller glaring at the inconvenience of some other solitary, uncommunicative, unapproachable, laptop-absorbed coffee house dweller daring to sit next to them.

    Some rescue.

  • wonder what they think about the recent piracy

  • These women are my aunts and some of these comments are beyond rude. For your information Zuckerman these women are christian first of all and do not wear those scarves all day every day. Those scarves are worn to church out of respect for the holiness of the building.

    I am a very young adult and I too wear that scarf when entering the santuary at our church. The faces were caused by the sun being in their eyes and an immodestly dressed woman passing them on the street.

    If you have anything else to say about my aunts direct your comments to me

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