Petworth Florist Opens at Georgia Ave and Allison Streets


Back in early Feb. I mentioned that a florist was slated to open up soon. I’m happy to report that Mother Virginia is now open at the corner of Georgia and Allison Streets. I’m hearing good things about them so with Mother’s Day approaching be sure to check them out.

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  • Another good sign. Slowly but surely…

  • i received a beautiful orchid for my birthday from this place…the shop is really cool with little gifts and neat ideas, the guys that were inside working seemed very nice and helpful, and come on…who doesnt love that florist smell?! my gift giving friend told me that the prices were good too.

  • ooh, do they deliver to local businesses/homes?

    “administrative professionals [sic]” week starts on the 20th

  • Bogfrog,
    I am the gift giving friend Christopher mentioned, and yes I do believe they deliver. The two guys, and their dog, were really very friendly and the flowers lasted a very long time. I placed my order over the phone, scheduled a pick up time and dropped in to get them. I was very happy with the orchids I bought and they actually made me a deal when I ordered them. I will def. go back for all my flower needs 🙂

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