Petworth CVS Rendering


The scandalous gossip from almost a year ago turns out to be true. Thanks to Petworth News who got the rendering above from Robb L. It says LaKritz Adler has signed a lease for a CVS to be built at Georgia and New Hampshire Ave and construction is set to begin in the fall with the store opening in late spring 2010.

I’ve come to support this addition. Have some of you guys changed your mind?

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  • No need for me to change my mind. I think it’s a great idea. There is no drug store or pharmacy within a country mile of the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro stop. This will be a welcome addition. Neighborhoods need more than just wine bars and luxury condos/rentals.

  • I despise CVS, but any development on this lot has my support, as that vacant lot screams “Ghetto”!

  • Its nice to see Park View coming along.

  • And please, CVS, do not have bullet proof glass all over the place like most of the buildings on Georgia in Petworth!

  • oh please i hope this is not a foreshadowing of more chains to come…

  • I’d still rather something else go there, but at least that’s not a bad rendering. Agreed with Phillipe that there had better not be any bulletproof glass or grills/bars on any windows!

  • Not the greatest thing, but at least it doesn’t have the parking right at the corner like the CVS at 7th and U.

  • Not bad looking. And yes, its certainly much better than the empty lot. Look to be quite a big one too.

  • Petworth news is saying construction will begin late this fall, with the store expected to OPEN in late spring of 2010.

  • i’m sorry, i think it is ugly now, and it will look even worse when built. however, i suppose it is more important that there is a business moving in, and a pharmacy… still I say it is ugly.

  • Maybe this one will be big enough to have a Minute Clinic and then I don’t have to drive to Maryland.

  • saf

    Still hate it. Hate CVS.

  • Just curious – why do you hate it so much?

  • i’m not sure that a CVS is a sign of more chains to come. CVS is everywhere in the city, in areas with chains and areas without a lot of chains. it’s about time that we have a pharmacy in petworth, i don’t really care what kind, and not like there are a whole lot of pharmacy options in DC other than CVS and RiteAid. a pharmacy in the neighborhood, in my opinion, is a good thing.

  • I like CVS and will be happy to have one so close to where I live. In my dream scenario, that lot would be filled with a high density, smart growth oriented tall building, not just one retailer, so I’m unhappy about the small scale of the project.

  • That’s a great addition to the Georgia Petworth Metro area. It’s really hard to imagine being against this kind of retail as a huge improvement over empty lots.

  • CVS is hated so much because every CVS is dirty, messy with long lines and the rudest staff of any business in DC and that is being generous! Rite Aid would have been preferred! Seriously, people.

  • saf

    G – I hate it because:
    Poor design – most CVS buildings have blank walls facing the street and don’t engage the street at all. Not a good thing in an urban setting.
    Loading – CVS tends to load across the sidewalk, blocking the pedestrian path.
    Garbage – CVS also tends not to keep the trash well contained.
    Cleanliness – CVS stores are generally not clean.
    Service – CVS stores are generally staffed by people who do not wish to be there.

  • If the CVS has bars or bulletproof glass it is because of the fact they have tens of thousands of dollars of pharmaceuticals. I will also say that I agree with most of the comments so far. CVS is better than nothing but there is concerns that it will be messy and crappy like most of the other CVS’ in DC. Why they are not making the building taller is also somewhat mystifying. DC zoning rules perhaps? I think an Arby’s above the CVS would have been awesome.

  • What the hell do some of you guys want instead of a “chain” CVS- an apothecary shop?? Geez, people need a drugstore, whether it’s Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, CVS, etc etc. In fact, I think it’s one type of store that will likely be used by 99% of the population.

  • People here (developers especially) need to do a tour of other U.S. cities and look at how they aren’t nothing but chains. Sure, all of the U.S. has many chain stores, but it seems like almost every other city, from the west coast to the midwest to the south and the northeast has neighborhoods with a good mix of locally owned, unique, interesting commercial spaces. DC blows when it comes to commercial development. CVS is something to celebrate? We’re that starved for stores that we get excited over a freakin’ CVS? There are five hundred of them within a few miles of us!

  • It will be great to get that empty, eyesore of a block developed. But a one-story building across the street from a Metro station is the opposite of smart growth (CVS did the same in Columbia Heights). Perhaps a one-story CVS is all the market can support right now, and it will essentially be an interim use to be redeveloped some years from now.

  • It’s OK, but I don’t understand why there will not be any sort of rentals or condos on top. I understand the lot is not that large, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a fair amount of living spaces above the store. It’s a prominent corner in the area, so it’s a tremendous lost opportunity.

  • Seniors need drugs and I need strings of Christmas lights at 50% off. These are reasons enough for me to support this. One day I hope to be a senior (if first I don’t die) and it would be a nice walk down the street to get my cholesterol lowering pills and corn pads. Also, the pharmacy at Safeway a horror. I went there for Fleet enemas recently and they were out of stock. It was maddening. They did had 3006 bottles of Chloraseptic and in produce they had rotten acorn squash out the yazoo. Safeway is a dumpster. The only thing that would make me change my mind about CVS is if someone proposed something like the triangular Flatironn Buildling in New York. That would be really cool on that corner.

  • There actually is one story above the CH CVS. I think it’s a charter school or something.,+

  • While I’m generally all about more development, and definitely in favor of a retail business that both: is direly needed in the area, and will be used almost universally, I have to say that this is a terrible waste. First, I am in no way against chains, but CVS is, by far, one of the worst-run businesses I’ve ever encountered. The staff are mostly useless and rude, while the stores are terribly laid-out and often not even remotely clean. I went into the Columbia Heights location one late night, and nobody was working. Nobody was actually in the store except the cop that always posts up by the door. Too bad nobody told the humongous line that was formed with nobody to check them out.

    Not to mention that they have a great lot right across from a metro station, and they decide to build…one floor. One. Idiotic. And looks like they’re not doing to be building any bulb-outs (desperately needed at that intersection), and the sidewalks will be narrow.

    Ugh. I guess it’s something?

  • booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I’m as guilty as anyone of being a knee-jerk national-chain hater. But honestly, there’s just no chance in hell for most indie shops these days. Everyone wants a nice indie bookstore in the neighborhood (seriously! I’d live there) but the return never comes close to the cost per square foot of even just turning on the lights in the morning. This blog has covered the challenges to retail entrepreneurs before: the city bureaucracy seems hysterically aggressive against small business.

    So we’re doomed to share our streets with chain businesses. I’d still rather see something locally-based and small scale: something with flavor that would make our streets not resemble every other street in the country. But most of those businesses are older. And they’re dying out like swine-flu-addled ferrets on the fast train to deathville.

    Thus, we’re left to play favorites with the chains that come to town. I’m thoroughly ambivalent towards the IHop news, but Wagamama has me pissing rainbows with joy. I’m a Ruby Tuesday’s hater, but then, I’ve been to Fado in Chinatown numerous times to catch a match & a pint, etc. As for drugstores, baby, CVS is it. Rite Aid is dying like the aforementioned ferrets, and even the era of regional chains (Drug Fair, Peoples, Dart Drug, etc.) is like the fading memory of an insane man. Did those shops EVER exist? What am I doing in this hospital bed? Nurse! Nurse! My bedsheets are stained with noodle-scented rainbows!

  • CVS is indeed shite, but better than nothing I guess, at least the building will hold the dust down… All comments above about CVS cleanliness / staff / basic goddamn common courtesy and such are accurate. I read once that CVS provides a “welfare to work” service in DC whereby they receive cheap labor facilitated by the city, and the city cuts them all sorts of tax deals for doing so. Its one of the Barry-era programs where everyone is on the take, but the lack of competition in DC makes the stores profitable as people have no choice. Ie, Safeway. A CVS uptown had a convicted drug dealer working in the pharmacy for a while until someone pointed it out to police. Note the downtown CVS, next to the White House, is a similar mess, so its not just a ghetto problem.

  • Nobody goes into a CVS, or any drugstore for that matter, because you like it and it’s so fun to be there. You go to a drugstore because you NEED the stuff they sell. That’s all it’s for. It’s a utilitarian thing.

    I’m happy about this. Now the million dollar question…will it be 24 hours?

  • I expect our skies to be brighter and bluer from henceforth. Though I’m not too excited about removing the lane markers from the roadways.

    (Joking of course. I love the over artistic and optimistic renderings.)

  • Not every CVS is terrible – there are several near GW that were really nice – I did all my shopping there for a summer, well that and 7-11. When i moved to Capitol Hill I was shocked because the CVS was so awful – i mean, really really horrible. And the Columbia Heights one is bad too, i always avoid it.

    So since this is a new store hopefully it will be nice and they will keep it clean.

  • Add the CVS on top of the Woodley Park Metro to the list of really bad ones. To their credit, the cashiers are usually pretty friendly, but the lines are often really long, the aisles are too narrow, and it’s never very clean. And they don’t even have a pharmacy?!?! What kind of drug store doesn’t have a pharmacy?


    CVS – Cluttered Variety Store!
    CVS – Crude Vapid Service!
    CVS – Corporate Vampires Suck!
    CVS – Coming Very Soon!

  • As someone who lives two blocks from this, i’m worried about increased litter, car traffic, etc. Is that corner really large enough to handle something like CVS? Not happy.


  • The lack of density on the site seems short-sighted (as was the one in CH) but it is probably much more cost effective and time efficient, which matter to the bank and the developer. So while all you idealists’ would rather have ‘Petworth Pharmacy’ run by sole- proprietors Pete & Pam Pillsworth, the realists understand that profit margin and sustainable business models win everytime. Pete & Pam can’t achieve the volume discounts the chains do and therefore have to pass the price onto the consumer, making it more cost-effective for the consumer to just go to CH CVS.

  • Someone find a way to fix up the damn CVS at Georgia and Ingraham!!!

  • Im glad its coming,, now I have a place to buy my “Manpons”

  • The Good:
    1. it will improve that corner from “Ghetto” to “slightly less ghetto”
    2. convenient access to pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, and junk food.

    The Bad:
    1. the 1-story building is an awful use of space – this is a city store near a metro, make it a functional and attractive part of this improving neighborhood.
    2. a chain taking up the entire lot is unfortunate. Where is the balance between neighborhood convenience and neighborhood character?
    3. bad reputation for not being well-maintained

    I think this is an improvement (not saying much at all) but ultimately a huge missed opportunity.

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