OK, Looks Like Folks Are Up For a PoP Monthly Clean Up and Chat

I’d like to make this a monthly event. I think the third Saturday or Sunday of every month for a two hour period. Obviously many neighborhoods are quite large so we’ll have to pick small sections and return for other sections. But I’d like the neighborhoods to rotate so that if folks participate in the clean up who live elsewhere their neighborhood will eventually be hit as well. I’ll select a “winner” on Sunday night.

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  • i know that you hesitate to show favortism in regards to communities, but you are the prince of petworth… i would love to cleanup anywhere in our city as a showing of solidarity and strength, but i think it would be great to kick this venture off in your home territory. you, surrounded by your minions in their PoP t-shirts, gathered at the petworth metro before heading out in all directions armed with gloves and garbage bags…it just seems like the right place to start imo.

  • yes, i think petworth is fitting….prince of ‘petworth’ and being that petworth is filthy these days. seriously, i’ve been overseas the last 6 months, and in returning the trash in petworth is worse than i remember. did i forget how bad it is, or is it worse than normal?

  • The city usually will drop off rakes, and other tools for a clean up. Maybe call 311 to find out.

  • Makes sense to me to keep this in the neighborhood of your primary readership. I thought the whole idea was to connect and beautify our neighborhoods, right? Also seems like there is plenty of work to do close to home without the need to venture all over. Last point: turnout will be better the closer to home you keep us.

    I am still pumped about the idea.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    All, I assure you Petworth will be hit in one of the first few outings. Despite the name this blog has extensive readership in all of the neighborhoods mentioned in the poll (obviously some more than others). The site is intentionally going city wide (I can’t do it full time otherwise!) I will never forsake Petworth, fear not. But all of these neighborhoods make PoPville what it is today. So let’s just see how this plays out. And like I said, I have no doubt Petworth will be among one of the first neighborhoods hit.


  • i agree with some of the comments above and so voted for petworth, but i have a question… is my neighborhood up there? i’m new to town and live close to 14&t but have been telling people i live ‘on u street’. should i be saying i live in shaw? i feel like ‘u street’ is more descriptive, but noticed its considered more of a commercial or historic district than a neighborhood. are ‘u street’ or ‘u street corridor’ or ‘greater u street’ not really neighborhood names?

  • Clean up H St./North Capitol Hill/Trinidad, or at least have include them in the poll.

  • Petworth! It’s your namesake.

  • talk to jason beard, who runs treebox vodka. he has a lot of experience organizing neighborhood clean ups.

    and i really think you should start with petworth. sure, you’re city-wide now, but it just makes common sense to start with your base and go from there if it works.

  • Can you please include Pleasant Plains? We’re in your readership and everyone forgets about us, except your blog — which does a fine job of covering our tiny neighborhood!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes, sorry about that. I knew I’d forget some. Future polls will include Pleasant Plains and H Street, NE

  • the first has got to be petworth

  • where’s “U Street” or “Cardozo Shaw” in this list of neighborhoods?

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