Numerous Shootings This Weekend

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Thanks to a reader for sending the tip and the above photo:

“There was a 4 person shooting on the unit block of Bryant st NW today (Sunday) @ 200 pm approx. Lots of cameras and there were about 10 police cars. Apparently it was a family argument that went south.”

The Columbia Heights Listserv had a note as well:

“It seems that shots were fired in broad daylight at about 4:20pm on Sunday afternoon. I saw mothers with strollers running in away from what seemed to be 14th and Harvard. Police are currently swarming the area. If anyone has concrete information that can/should be made public, please let the community know.”

And DCist reported earlier a shooting on 14th and W:

“An adult man was shot at around 11:35 p.m. last night (Sat. night) in an incident police are preliminarily describing as “not a random attack.”

Not good news for an MPD “all hands” weekend.

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  • Sick

  • we spent the day powerwashing our stoop in preparation for repainting it and saw the police response – MASSIVE. we live on 2nd near Elm. I mean, helicopter, probably 30+ police cars circling the area for hours and hours. Some guy came by and told us the police were “hunting someone down” in the alleys with rifles drawn. freaked us out.


  • There was a drive by shooting on Delafield on Sat. The shooter was in a white Infiniti. The asshole came barreling down fourth running every stop sign in sight. Interesting enough it was all hands on Deck this weekend. I have been reading this blog about a year or so now. It has been the same old shooting and complaining from the same host of characters. Yet, we still call on MPD and the city council to solve the problem. If AHOD can not abate this, then I submit that nothing can. My point still remains: This is not a police problem. Cops on Segways,walking the beat can not solve this problem.

  • WTF – I live on 4th and Delafield and had a house full of people Saturday night and didn’t hear a thing until the next morning from my neighbors. Even then I heard two very different stories of what happened on Delafield saturday night. One neighbor said she called the police because she heard gun fire and saw the car barreling down 4th. The other neighbor said police stopped at their party, lots of people and music looking for two women running down the alley ways – but he said the cop mentioned illegal fireworks not gun shots.

  • Nothing quite like coming home on Sunday after a great weekend to find my street swarming with cop cars and then learning we just missed a shooting moments before.

    I will never complain of 16th street traffic again.

  • Would it be well-received if white residents like myself equated the crime to cultural decisions, such as not snitching on one’s cousin. Would we look like racists? Aren’t the cultural questions only left up to the communities themselves?

    I would love to see a road forward on this issue. I’ve talked to the one street family on my block and they like me well enough. They don’t see their behavior as a problem. OTHER people are shooting at their son. THE POLICE are arresting their son. The DC TAX OFFICE is threatening to take their house. The YUPPIES who just moved here don’t like how they’ve acted their whole lives.

    Then factor into that the deceptive dynamic that I act like their friend while calling the police on their son whose entire rap sheet with all identifying information I have at my house- there may not be THE PLAN but that doesn’t mean that my actions can’t be viewed like there is “a plan.”

    This weekend I was stopped at a light in Trinidad and there was a teenage kid crossing the street packing a cigar with marijuana in broad daylight. I called 911 and the person was like, “Teenage black male in white tank top with baggy jeans, oversized white sneakers [comic sigh]” and then I knew that what I witnessed was not something that the police were going to deal with and that as bad as drug violence is in my neighborhood with arguments and fights, in Trinidad a kid had no qualms about showing commuters his baggie.

  • the above was to Nate.

  • Neener,
    You are partly correct. One of my houses on 4th was broken into at some point recently. They broke into the basement and stole a ladder and some windows. My basement is blocked off from the main house so they couldn’t get upstairs. Across the street one of my tenants was robbed at gunpoint on my backporch. The next day, my tenant in the basement called and told me that he heard the robber screaming shoot the MF.
    Now I am potentially looking at losing two tenants in one house due to fear for their safety. And I have to tell my other tenants across the street that someone broke in and to be more vigilant. That doesn’t go over well with females who have the means to move. The neighbor next door had his car stolen from his back yard. Less than a month ago, some young black males stole a car from up Delafield and literally rammed two cars into my front yard.

    This is bad for business on so many levels. This is so bad for the community. The people we need in the community are being run away. People like me are too invested to leave. Same for the outlaws. Just a bad situation.

  • Neener,
    I know how certain people feel about marijuana smoking. But calling the police on someone smoking marijuana is a waste of time. And it leads to police aggressively targeting black men like myself. Would it have made a difference to you if he were smoking a cigarette, which is also illegal for a teenage? It’s essentially a harmless crime. I just can’t see myself responsible for having someone being arrested for something so minor. Obviously I disagree with the law.

    On the other hand, I call the police on drug dealers. Why? Because of incidents like what happened on Delafield this weekend. But I can really care less if you are drinking a beer or smoking a joint in public. That is pretty much where I draw the line. Now if you were shooting up heroin, that would be different. That is a public safety issue as needles get left around.

    Let me give you an example of what happens to black men on a daily basis that causes extreme ANGER toward the police. A couple of years ago, I was driving to G’town on K. Right before the Whitehurst Fwy. A cop pulls me over for running a red light. No problem, I’ll pay the ticket. It was raining. He supposedly “smells” marijuana in my car and leaves me splayed out on the ground in handcuffs for what seemed like an eternity while he searched my car. He never found it as there was none. He kept threatening to call for K-9 dogs all the while I was pleading with him to let me go. I was headed to a party and ended up soaked while he is looking for marijuana in my car. This type of police action does not happen to white people in DC. I won’t go as far to say it is about race as the cop was black. But it is this game of cat and mouse where most of the criminals in DC look alike that prevents cops from distinguishing between the murderers and drug dealers and people like me. Just look at the description you gave for the young man in Trinidad. That is damn near 1 out of 3 black men in DC.

  • To clarify, both the 911 dispatcher and I felt dumb when reading back the description. We realized that it wasn’t going to help. Remember that marijuana dulls the brain cells and response time (aka burn outs) and that kid isn’t going to do as well on tests or job interviews as long as he smokes. My buddy from college who was a rampant smoker just moved back in with his parents and he has to be at least 41. Economy, shmeconomy, he’s a wake and bake burnout who can’t keep it together. It’s ok to try to keep kids off marijuana because it’s not healthy for them nor culturally acceptable.

    Now I was pulled over by Maryland State troopers around 2004 and my trunk was opened, car inspected because I my car had gotten clipped by a truck on 95 and I quickly pulled over to the side of the road. The trooper full-on Marine Corps Drill Sergeant yelled at me and threatened to lock me up for drugs because I was freaking out. He kept talking about DC this and DC that. Refused to believe my story that the damage to my rear view mirror was due to an accident that just happened.

    I understand that I didn’t get the handcuffs, but I definitely got the threats, including putting my infant in police custody.

    I was also pulled over in Fairfax and when the officers snuck up the junior guy responded, “We were looking for someone else” aka Driving While Black aka Driving with DC tags.

  • All Hands on Deck was a complete FAILURE! And I wonder how much tax dollars were spent on this failed initiative?

  • Welcome to summer in DC!

  • Neener,
    Have you ever smoked marijuana? Stop getting your info from ONDCP. Don’t tell me about your friend that moved home with mom without qualifying that info. Everyone can’t be a raging success in life. Obama has done coke and weed. He’s the president. So much for weed dulling brain cells.

    More to the point Neener, even if marijuana does dull your brain cells (whatever that means), they are his brain cells. Not yours. If you really were concerned, you would have offered him advice/assistance instead of calling the police. The POLICE do not offer help when it comes to marijuana possession. They lock you up.

    For every one of your friends supposedly negatively affected by marijuana, there is someone like me. When I can smoke marijuana, I smoke constantly. It has not held me back. I have an MBA in finance. I own several properties. I am at the top of my field as a software developer.

  • as a sports coach, I don’t buy the “they are his brain cells, not yours.” I spend my saturday mornings making kids better people by doing things they initially don’t want to do and watch them high five each other with each soccer goal.

    I used to work for ONDCP in IT since you brought them up. You’d be amazed at how even-handed they were under Clinton or the real cost of the issues. I’d post more about their stats, but most of what I know is 15 years old.

    Ya can’t roll your eyes at fat suburban alcoholics and not roll your eyes at potheads.

    But overall… I know many people who did hard drugs in the 1970s who died of heart failure at age 50 or 60. My friends who stayed doing drugs throughout their 30s have real issues of success and performance today, including non-drug related jail stretches, drug-related jail, probation, etc. Knew a guy at UMD who was hit on his bike by a car filled with marijuana smoke where the driver and passengers barely knew their car was off the road and all but the driver sat there rocking out to the music until the cops came. A musician friend who made mediocre music that while he was high he thought was the greatest, most innovative stuff ever. Was at a party where two guys, really high, stuck their hands through glass windows in a contest of kung fu skills. My best friend in high school went to Dartmouth for undergrad and grad but ended up renting a houseboat – “smoke on the water!” you can look at these stories as unrelated anecdotes, but I see them as a strong repeatable pattern of minor disasters that I’ve seen for 25 years.

  • zomg anecdotes are so compelling!!!

  • Neener,
    you worked for ONDCP. That explains it all. Our last three presidents smoked weed and did coke. You might be more effective advocating that people smoke a little weed considering the lineage. Weed is a plant. Get over it.

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