More Fun Condo/Building Names

DSCN7778, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The Monique. It’s definitely a bit classier than “The Steven”. Who green lights these things?

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  • Big Woman Sexy.

  • shame that this is about the ugliest masonry ever…

  • This is my father’s cat’s name. I thought he was dating a stripper until I later learned that it was just the name they’d given the cat at the shelter.

  • That’s MY name! I wasn’t notified I was going to be a building. Does this mean I can live there freebies?

  • It’s a time-honored tradition: Get your spouse or parent to develop an apartment building, and perhaps (s)he will name it after you! (For example, Abe Pollin built “the Irene” in Friendship Heights and named it after his wife.)

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