Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on Sunday

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park is. It was packed with folks this beautiful Sunday. I had to shoot some video of the drum circle. People were just so happy it was contagious. In addition to the drums folks were reading, sunbathing, having a picnic, tossing the frisbee. The beautiful life at its best!

And I forgot Tina did a profile last August.

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  • Did someone finally have the chutzpah to just rip the “Grass Restoration” fence down?

    If so, I hope that it doesn’t get completely worn down, but also that the city decides not to mow the grass, as it’s like a lush carpet right now.

  • When can you catch the drum circle? I’d love to check it out!

  • Sundays, generally anytime in the afternoon.

  • I’d like to play in the drum circle. Does anyone know the etiquette? Do I just show up and sit down somewhere with my drum? What time does it start? Thanks!

  • Just refer to it by its official name: Meridian Hill Park – it’s a pretty name, and you just add to the confusion by also referring to it by its unoficial moniker.

  • Generally the drum circle will get going around 4:30 and will run until sundown – so 7:30-8ish in the summertime.

    Just show up with your drum.

    I prefer hanging on the plush grass carpet tossing the softball or the aforementioned frisbee… (I guess Dan arrived around 4:30 or 5 when he shot this video because I didn’t see me).

  • Seriously. When are they gonna let the public have access to that grass? It’s growing pretty well now. It’s like an exhibit or something.

  • Does the Meridian Hill Park circle have an official website? Any ways all drummers invited to play with us on beach. Come join and share the love on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

    Cheers !

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