Live Music Returns To Columbia Heights Coffee Last Saturday

DSCN8033, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I love this guy. He always plays Bob Dylan for me. Sadly, he doesn’t have a regular slot at Columbia Heights Coffee (11th Street b/w Monroe and Park.) The owners said he is welcome to play whenever he’d like. I chatted with him for a few moments. His name is John Carter or JC and he lives in the neighborhood (Columbia Heights). He told me he likes to play at Columbia Heights Coffee from time to time to relax and give a little something back to his neighborhood. Super nice guy.


I also spotted one super cool dog outside. (This dog will be tough competition for this Summer’s coolest pet in PoPville contest…)


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  • Still sooooo sad that expansion never happened. anyone ever find out the full scoop? Is there any chance it could be revisted — the space is still available as far as I can see?

  • the dog is of the keeshond breed. supercool dogs. originally bred for dutch canal boats. great for families. my family had two when we were growing up. always very happy. love kids. require only moderate amount of exercise. obviously there’s some brushing to be done.

    weirdest thing–they can jump straight up really really high. whenever our dogs wanted something or were super happy, the would stand at our feet and jump as high as our heads. no running start needed. it wasn’t just our two that could do it, I’ve seen others that could as well.

  • The dog’s name is Amy; she lives on 13th Street. Mrs. Mark swoons over her every time we see her there.

  • John is great! We moved abroad about 2 yrs ago, but before than we were Columbia Heights Coffee regulars and our daughter loved John. He always would add a bit of “Old McDonald” into his repertoire whenever she was around. And his regular (grown-up) music was great too.

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