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Hmm, I never noticed this “Soup Man” sign on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. I’m actually a huge soup fan, seriously. Ed. Note: I swear I used to be cooler than this… So how’s the soup here? I’m really imagining a soup nazi type spot. Any fans?

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  • So Maggie Moos now sells soup? That’s an odd combination, ice cream and soup.

  • Pretty sure that is an actual soup nazi type spot; it’s a franchise based on Al Yeganeh (the inspiration for Seinfeld’s “soup nazi”). There’s one in Tyson’s Corner Mall too:


  • Actually the sign says “S’up Man”. That’s a stylized apostrophe, I assume.

    They’re probably just trying to be sociable.

  • It’s only been at Maggie Moo’s for about three weeks.

  • Actually, that combination makes a lot of sense. Soup in the wintertime, ice cream in the summertime.

  • The Saloon on U Street should become a Soup Man franchisee. That way, the Beer Nazi could sell soup made famous by the Soup Nazi.

  • You should try the chocolate soup with reese’s pieces. I highly recommend it.

  • Noah, is that a joke? Is it really supposed to be S’up Man? Cause it seriously looks like Soup Man. Hmmm, I’ve never noticed it before either.

  • saf

    Oh my lord, I just BUSTED up laughing at the editorial note.

    I have no useful comment on the Soup Man spot, but I also love soup. I recommend the soup at Domku and the soup at the National Gallery.

    Seriously, museum cafeteria food is rarely good, but if you go the cafeteria between the East Wing and the West Wing of the National Gallery and get the soup, you will be happy.

  • For awesome soup, I recommend soupergirl. It’s a delivery/pick up service with two soup choices a week. The West African Safari Stew being offered this week is one of the best soups I’ve ever had. http://www.thesoupergirl.com

  • Ive had it in Hyattsville right in the shopping center by Prince Georges Plaza. Their soup is actually really good. crab soup is good, and the muligatawny is too (sorry about the spelling)…. its not necessarily cheap tho…

  • Just ordered from soupergirl per this recommendation. A little upset she doesn’t deliver to the 20011 zip code.

  • I highly recommend the ” Soup Man ” on 18th. I tried it about 2 weeks ago and its always on my mind now. They have various combinations and you can do small soup with half sandwich combo. The sandwich was great too!

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