Judging Restaurants – Yeehwa, Korean Japanese Restaurant


This is a downtown restaurant located at 1009 21st Street, NW. They received rather average reviews on Yelp. I seem to recall that there were some Korean restaurant fans so I’m wondering if anyone has checked them out? If so how was the food as well as the prices?

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  • the korean menu is good, not great. i visited with a friend from seoul – they found the food tasty, not as spicy as home, but tasty nonetheless. oddly enough, dc lacks in korean food options – there’s a nice cart now in chinatown around 8th and F i think – and there’s adams express in mount pleasant… but the big selection of korean restaurants is out in NoVa…

  • Anon- the DC area itself if a top 3 city for Korean food. Behind LA and NYC, but certainly a mecca.

  • How do you pronounce the name? Am I okay calling it “Yeeeee Haaawwwww!!!”?

  • If you want Korean in DC that isn’t from a cart, this is pretty much it. Although, Dan the Man’s Teriyaki and Subs serves some pretty decent Korean dishes as well, and cheap. But it’s nothing compared to places like Da Rae Won and Gah Rahm. Korean fried chicken FTW!

  • there is a korean place on 18th street by Rosemary’s Thyme as well.

  • Mandu in the dupont area was ok, a little pricey but I enjoyed my food. It’s not a bad date place.

  • I take the newbies to Mandu on 18th. They have tasty mandu (dumplings) and sojutinis (try the aloe), $3 and $4 respectively during happy hour. Once they are indoctrinated I then kidnap them and drive them down to Little River Turnpike in Annandale!

  • As others have noted, it’s OK, but not great, but one of the only options for those who don’t have a car. Other options in DC in addition to those noted above are K-Young’s located at 325 Morse Street NE in the Florida Avenue Market (open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday only) and a new place that just opened in the former Curry Club space on Wisconsin Ave in Burleith (easily reachable by Circulator).

  • Pennywise: You are spot on. This place is in fact run by the Korean equivalent of rednecks, hence the name.

  • I work up the street from Yee Hwa, I go from time to time. Pretty tasty, albeit expensive.

    Annandale is definitely the local mecca for Korean – tons of good places there. Also, Woo Lae Oak in Tysons is pretty famous. Used to be in Crystal City, it was where all the Korean diplomats would go. Super tasty.

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