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I am hesitant to admit I haven’t visited Safari DC. I seem to recall I’ve heard good things about it. It’s located at 4306 Georgia Ave. They even have a Facebook page. So any fans out there? Is it also a good bar spot or mostly just a restaurant? Recommend any particular dishes?

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  • I’ve been there a few times (mainly for drinks) and the food is interesting and tasty (curried goat, samosas, etc), but a little pricey for what you get. It seems to act more as a social club for wayward East Africans than a serious restaurant. Roman, who used to tend bar at the Raven, back in the day, was a bartender here last time I was there (which has been a few years).

  • I have had dinner here twice and I think the food was quite good. I didn’t find that it was extrodinarily expensive considering I paid $10 at Moroni and Bros for what was essentially a hard flour disc with a sprinkle of goat cheese and a quarter of a roma tomato. I think they gave rather large portions of the chicken curry and rice. I didn’t care for their bread though, I forget the name of it. Although my Kenyan friend who visits there often says he goes for the drinks bc his wife can make better food at home. Since I do not have a Kenyan in residence at my place, I’ll stick to Safari when the urge for chicken or goat curry hits.

    Oh and there is a dance club on the second floor which makes dinning when it is open somewhat unpleasant bc of the noise. And for those of you who are diet coke drinkers–skip it the soda is flat and they only serve regular coke in glass bottles.

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    Chris – Jesse Roman, my personal favorite bartender ever in the world, died unexpectedly in September 2006. We still miss him horribly.

    PoP – I love Safari. I admit to bias, having known William and Alice for 25+ years at this point. They have worked hard and I think they do a good job. I love the food, I love the drinks, I love the regulars, I love the space.

  • The food is pretty good and the price is right! I suggest getting the family stlye portions, so you can eat with your hands…

  • The place is pretty authentic – you get the same slow service, same more-party-than-restaurant vibe, same somewhat bland food when you eat in restaurants in East Africa. I head over there whenever I am missing my African Happy vibe.

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