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Loeb’s Deli is located at 832 15th Street, NW. I have a former colleague who swore by this place. As we are often discussing where we can get the best sandwiches I thougth Loeb’s was worth discussing, especially for those that work downtown. Personally, I’m super curious about the pastrami sandwiches, I’m always on the look out for some good pastrami. So any fans? Any specialties? And what always tips me off to good delis, do they have Dr. Browns soda? (Any Dr. Browns Celery fans out there?)

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  • I approve. Used to eat lunch there twice a week. Good pastrami. Huge sandwiches.

  • my coworker and i work in rosslyn. there is absolutely nothing to eat there. we made the ‘trek’ over to loebs and weren’t disappointed. pretty good pastrami sandwich. though we both like that place up in tenleytown better

  • Good, but extremely overpriced (I recall spending about $8 for pastrami on rye). I still contend that you can’t call yourself a deli just because you make sandwiches, you should offer goods to go. If you do indeed have good sandwiches, is it really necessary to identify yourself with New York? I love New York, and yes, it does have ridiculous sandwiches, but let your product speak for itself.

    That being said, has anyone seen that piece of shit pizza place in SE called New York Pizza that, oddly enough, occupies a former Pizza Hut?

  • Loeb’s ROCKS! And new Italian restaurant just opened on the next corner in the newly renovated Woodward Building you may want to feature on the blog. I haven’t eaten there yet, but it is always packed every time I go by.

  • I love Loeb’s deli. The woman who runs it scares me, but they have the only decent bagels in the McPherson/Farragut area, and they have milkshakes! mmmm milkshakes. But the don’t serve them during the lunch rush. You usually have to go after 1pm to get a good shake. And my favorite sandwich there is definitely the statue of liberty. Highly recommend the place. Plus it’s a small business. I’d rather give them my money than a chain like Cosi.

  • I love Loeb’s deli. The woman who runs it scares me, but they have the only decent bagels in the McPherson/Farragut area, and they have milkshakes! mmmm milkshakes. They don’t serve them during the lunch rush, so you’ll have to go after 1pm to get a shake. My favorite sandwich there is definitely the statue of liberty. Highly recommend the place. Plus it’s a small business. I’d rather give them my money than a chain like Cosi.

  • Loeb’s is alright in a pinch. Expensive though, and I’ve had better sandwiches at Eli’s. I still prefer Deli City.

    @EMG: That “POS pizza place in SE called New York Pizza?” I’ve been there. I agree with your review: POS. The pizza is worse than Papa Johns, and their “gyros” are that nasty-ass grey diseased bologna-style meat product with tiny flecks of what I can only describe as feces in it. My mouth still hasn’t forgiven me for it.

  • Yes, good sandwiches (for DC, great sandwiches). Yes, they have Cel-ray. Boo, they’re cash-only. But quite worth it if you’re in the neighborhood.

  • This is one of my favorites. Guy knows me by sight. I love the back and forth with the main guy or the lady. (I think they’re brother and sister, but they could be husband and wife, lol).

    For those not afraid of venturing past NW, the best pastrami sandwich you can buy in DC proper is at City Deli on 2200 Bladensburg in NE. (I hear they make a mean Reuben as well). The cashier is the owner’s mom, and she’s the bees knees.

  • EMG and Monkeyrotica –
    Good news, New York Pizza is expanding and will soon open another location in the former bulletproof KFC on North Cap and Florida.

  • Echoing some of the others, the sandwiches are great (I love the Times Square) but they are very expensive. I try to go once a month or so. It’s a good joint for seeing DC celebrities (old newspapermen and tv talking heads).

  • @Sunny Florida Avenue – Why is that good news? They’re better off with the gutted KFC. Less likely to get violent diarrhea than New York Pizza, and cheaper, too.

  • @monkey – Sit down restaurant space (mandated) on North Cap & Florida is good news, violent diarrhea is just a bonus.

  • superior turkey burger ‘n onion rings. four stars.

  • EMG makes good points

  • Agreed on general consensus re Loeb’s. Pretty good, pricey, but after working downtown for so long, you sort of get used to exorbitantly priced mediocre sandwiches. Theirs are better than mediocre, so I call it a win.

    RE NY Pizza… let me say – I am NOT a picky eater. I will eat pretty much anything put in front of me, and it’ll be fine. I’ve even gotten used to the fact that the Hill has the shittiest pizza options of anywhere I’ve ever lived in life, including Budapest, where corn is the country’s favorite topping (which they then call “Fitness Pizza” – I love my people). I ordered a calzone from NY Pizza and it was inedible. Like, I had 2 bites and tossed it. I’ve eaten horse for Christ’s sake. I didn’t know if was possible to make food that bad. So, in a way, that’s almost a triumph for NY Pizza. Your food is worse than Hungarian horse sausage. Bravo.

  • Loeb’s is pretty good. I love that they serve onion rings. Those plus a reuben = not bad at all.

    But yeah, the best Deli in DC might be Deli City (not City Deli) on Bladensburg Rd NE. I’m fairly certain it hasn’t been touched up at all since it opened in the ’60s…the old jewish couple running the place juxtaposed with the locals and and a few suits at lunchtime is amusing. Highly Highly recommended.

  • Used to work near there and often ended up there for breakfast/lunch. Pretty good – expensive, as noted, and cash only, which is always annoying. Notable more for the fact there aren’t too many places like it around here. I really liked the matzoh ball soup; the turkey pastrami was pretty good. Yummy egg sandwiches.

  • PoP, yes they do have Dr. Brown’s.

  • I work right down the block and eat their occasionally. It’s not good enough to make me get up from my desk and seek it out but I do enjoy a good ruben from there occasionally when I walk past.

  • As a Jew and someone with taste buds, I am offended that this place calls itself a deli. It sucks.

  • Any one see that the Mt. Pleasant “deli” closed? In one day, gone the next…..

  • There’s a story on Loeb’s in the Washington Post. I’ve never been there, but it looks like it might be worth it…


  • Let’s give this place some slack as they just celebrated their 50th anniversary, founded by the late Walter and Sigrid Loeb who escaped from Nazi Germany, started their deli in 1959 as their children now run it.
    Originally on 15th and G, where Old Ebbitt Grill is now, their legacy lives on at that location with the Walter’s Favorite Sandwich of when they were at G Street, as the new owner, Ollie Carr kicked them out for redevelopment as that building, known as the Keith-Albee Building (named for RKO Keith’s Theater there.
    What makes it endearing is that the Loeb’s Deli has endured despite all the conversion to white table cloth, expense account establishments which are somewhat cheesy.
    For all this, Loeb’s Deli is a cultural landmark like Ben’s Chili Bowl is.

  • Not a good deli…by any standard outside DC…not worth the $.

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