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Cafe Cozy Corner is located at 1117 10th Street, NW. This spot is very easy to walk by without knowing that’s it there so I’m wondering if it’s been “discovered” by folks. They bill themselves as a sandwich shop, so my two big questions are – how are the sandwiches and how’s the coffee. Is it worth traveling to or more of a neighborhood spot?

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  • The sandwiches are great. Worth a several block walk, but not a trip across town.

  • This is my usual coffee and other stop when I do my trek to Metro Station in the mornings. I have had the italian panini and the reuben and they both were great. I stop here and get quick items here before work. Ex. spicy blue corn chips and pineapple salsa. I also like that they make my sandwiches are made at 7 in the morning. Alot of downtown so called delis won’t do that.

  • The breakfast is very good. The coffee is decent. It is pretty cool to be able to grab your morning coffee and your daily snacks all at once. They carry a small amount of organic groceries.

    There is better coffee at First Cup on 9th and M. Actually, First Cup is sort of a diamond in the rough and definitely worth a look.

  • I live right around the corner and this is my “cafe” on weekends… Paninis are pretty decent, but if you are going to stay and eat, be warned: the place has a permanent burnt sandwich smell. So much of a burnt smell, that I’ve had to leave on several occasions with a headache. The chai latte is made from a very sweet powder. Not worth the trip if it’s not within a few blocks walking distance. Still trying to find a worthwhile place around my area.

  • Surprisingly, I go to this place for some Asian ingredients when I can’t go to Rockville/Falls Church. They have a wide selection of candies too.

  • I second that vote for First Cup Cafe. That place is amazing and unexpectedly so.

  • Is that the place on the SW corner? I thought it was called Breakwells…


    Also, across the street is the best liquor store that I have found in any city that I have lived in – Modern Liquors. The owner (Jeff, I believe) is really really nice and has recommended some great wines. The selection is amazing – he quantifies it as “stuff you would never find in a grocery store or regular liquor store aisle” – which is awesome to me!

  • They ladies sold Breakwell’s last summer to the First Cup crew. I liked it better when it was Breakwell’s. Modern Liquors is awesome!. They have a wine tasting every Wed. You can bring your dogs to the tasting and they get treats! I am going there tonight adtrer work. POP, do a local liquor store weekly write up pleazzze!

  • They also do a whiskey tasting! I second the local liquor store write up!

    I will be trying out First Cup this Saturday morning 🙂 Thanks for the help guys! This blog is helping me discover DC from a local’s POV! Love!

  • First Cup used to be Breakwell’s but is under new-ish ownership (and yes, delicious).

    Modern Liquors, on the other hand, is transcendent. And an excellent example of a shop that has been in Shaw for a LONG (40 years?) time and adapted to the changing needs and desires of the neighborhood in a really great way. PoP, I’d definitely recommend an interview with Jeff – he’s (almost) always in the store.

  • man, too slow 🙂

  • I pass everyone of these places regularly on my way too and from work and around the nabe. Looks like I have some check boxes to fill out.

    Do either of those coffee shops offer free wifi?

  • First Cup > Cozy Corner for just about everything. Although Cozy Corner > First Cup as far as miscellany goes.

    Modern Liquors: I second you interviewing Jeff. He is such a great guy and a huge asset to the neighborhood. beer/wine and cheese tastings almost every day!

    In fact, if you are ever in the ‘hood for a poptrekker, I suggest you head into blagden alley and interview the owners of all those great businesses. Of note, Adamson Editions is considered to be one of the finest art restoration and print reproduction firms in the world! They work with everyone who is anyone in the art/fashion world and someone told me their waiting list is incredibly long. Then, there is the awesome owner of the boxing gym (and the pedicab company (and Fight Club, the skate park/art gallery/quasi legal music venue that may or may not still be around).

    Best neighborhoood in DC.


  • I love stopping at CCC (as my roommate and I call it). The staff is nice and the coffee’s not bad, and they have a great Mighty Leaf Tea selection.

    I agree that it always smells like burnt sandwiches, and it would really benefit with some more outdoor seating.

    Side note: MODERN LIQUORS is the greatest liquor store in all the land. I am moving out of the neighborhood and up in to Columbia Heights soon, and I’m debating continuing to come down here to buy my booze and beer. The staff is INCREDIBLE and they always always chat me up! Also, I once got there 2 minutes after closing, and they unlocked the door for me. I love it!

  • I miss Sparky’s on 14th St. and most recently, Mocha Hut on U. Would love a place like Java House in the hood.

  • Bacon egg and cheese on sour dough is simply awesome. I also go there because it is a mixed use building (residential and commercial) plus the building has a green roof.

  • yah…i live upstairs….it’s pretty handy for morning hangovers..and the cvs on the other side is super convie

  • At Cozy Cafe they put lettuce on their lox/cream cheese bagel. Am I the only one who thinks that’s weird?

  • Clark & Parsia LLC — http://clarkparsia.com/ — a cutting-edge software startup is also directly next door to Adamson Editions in a large, beautifully restored space that the proprietor LOVES to show off. I know because I’m him!

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