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We last looked at this home on V Street (just east of 14th Street, NW) just a few weeks ago. But, wow, is it wild to see it change. I had no idea there would be so many windows. Per usual, what do you think of the construction as well as the “fit” on the block?

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  • What I didn’t understand was why there were trimming out the window with pressure treated wood. PT will/can warp over time.

  • Yeah I don’t dig it. It’d be like living in a fishbowl, I think if I lived there I would have curtains drawn nearly all the time. I think it’s nice to have floor to ceiling windows on the 10th floor of a condo building, on the first floor of the house, not so much.

  • It was more promising before. Hate, hate, hate the double story skinny windows.

  • I believe the developer PN Hoffman is building this speck. They are the developers of Union Row, which is just to the west. I give them major kudos for buying and renovating three or four other derelict houses on the 1300 block of V, which has transformed the block 100 percent. They also did the same with the house that is next to their building on W St.

    I’ll wait till the house is finished to make a final opinion. But so far I’m open to the modern look. It could be seen as a transition from the traditional single row houses to the much more modern look of Union Row.

    Having lived in the neighborhood for 14 years, I am increasingly amazed at the transformation.

  • Beware of flying rocks!

  • looks a thousand times better than so many other infill homes I’ve seen

  • This is not a PN Hoffman project! I am building this house. I have done many homes in the area a few that have made it on this web site are the copper back house on 12th and the redwood backed house on 12th 2214 and 2226. This is an amazing house as it sits now and it will be an amazing house when it’s finished. I respect the opinions on this site however they are just opinions and I have to say more people have loved the house than have not. So the hate it hate it hate person can stick their hate in thier a_ _ thats my opinion.

    This is a modern house and it fits into an historic city. To those who hate something different the reality is is that someday this house will be looked at as historic. Keeping everything the same is for those who have no imagination and no will to look out of the box they so certainly live in.

    So when you make comments think outside the box and quite the narrow mindedness so many of you have. At least Im employing people in this economy.

  • Brian, I for one thank you for investing in the city. It will be a very interesting and most likely very cool building. I’m also not fond of judging these buildings until their 100% complete.

  • Brian, I’m a fan. Is the house still for sale? If so, how much are you asking?

  • The house is for sale we have a few interested parties but it is not sold yet. We are setting the price in the mid 800s but not certain of the exact price yet. We have a web sit as well for the property its 1349v.com. We hope to sell quickly to keep our crews working. I don’t buy any longer until one is sold.

  • I saw the house and LOVE it. I think that the people who are so harsh, strong, and negative is because they would love to buy it and cant afford it. I bet you if “ET” was given the opportunity to buy that house at a price ET could afford I bet you ET would be running to put the down payment. i myself have been following Brians projects and I wish I could afford to buy his houses. these are NO cookie cutter houses.

  • Wow, I love all the opinions everyone has about this new home! I am, Evan Johnson with Coldwell Banker, and am representing the developer, OC Development, on this property. Progress has been great and we are scheduling hat hard showings so if you are interested in a stunning property, please let me know. Mike is correct with it being a nice transition from traditional row houses to the massive Union Row. By the way “Park View”, the pressure treated wood is an upgraded option for window flashing backing. This home is built with the highest quality finishes and construction inside and out.

    Bottom line, if you are not looking for a Sears Home on a farm in Loudoun County, Virginia and want to live in a stunning brand new urban row house in the heart of U Street Corridor, this is it. Visit http://www.1349V.com or http://www.EvanJohnson.com.

    Is anyone interested in wine and cheese open house? I would love to have the neighborhood see this home and the views from the roof top deck.

  • I have seen the house, just today in fact, inside and out. While Brian (the developer and I differ on some cosmetic intentions inside-lol), I can agree that this house makes a fantastic transition from the PN Hoffman monstrosity to the tiny little rowhouses–a blurring of the line from new and modern to historic. all those windows and light? love it.

    Want to talk about an ugly building? click on the banner add above for the Solea. it looks like one of those economy priced resorts in disney world

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