Judging New Buildings (and the Back of a Rowhome)


The building above is located at 1050 K Street, NW. I think it’s pretty cool looking, but I still think I prefer the brick ones. What about you?

I also thought this was a pretty cool back of a rowhome. Anyone ever see one that angles up like that?


You’d never guess it looked like that from the front:


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  • Yet another soulless K-street glass box…

  • I like both old brick buildings and modern glass buildings. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Older buildings may–MAY–have unique details like art deco bah-relief sculptures, but they also have quirky heating systems, small windows, and most times small floor plans that don’t work well in a modern working environment.

    Modern buildings may be lacking in things like bronze sculptures and custom designed elevator doors but floor to ceiling glass letting in daylight is a great thing to have when you are a worker bee. And buildings designed to be less specific to their initial occupant mean that as the tenants change, the character of the tenant can be changed with them, without excessive, wasteful reconstruction.

    Each has their place.

  • is that rowhouse on capital hill?

    that’s a super cool design. I am thinking of doing something similar with my place in the LDP.

  • I saw the rowhouse (at 10th and M NW) a couple of years ago at an open house. Nice interior and a lovely back yard garden that compliments the big addition.

  • make that 10th between N and O.

  • WOW!

    (is this a consensus? )

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