Judging Carriage Houses


Oh man this was a good weekend, I got a vestibule and a carriage house! Sweet. This one is from the Bloomingdale or Le Droit Park neighborhood, can’t remember exactly where I was. It is pretty sweet though, yeah?


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  • totally ledroit (lucky bastards)

  • I once went to a party there. Awesome house, awesome garden.

  • “Oh man this was a good weekend, I got a vestibule and a carriage house! Sweet.”

    Your folks must have found shopping for your birthday presents a rather relaxing prospect.

  • It’s a nice building….in the alley near 5th and Florida. The only downside is it’s landlocked in an alley…

  • I like the carriage house edition. I lived in two in DC. The first one was behind the church on 14th and Cochran. Very cool building–you could hear the church rockin’ on sunday’s.

    The second one was the carriage house right by dupont circle in the alley Connecticut / Q & 19th. Now unfortunately it’s the changing room for Ann Taylor on Connecticut. It was a very cool house. We lived mostly on the top floor. No kitchen sink and I had to climb a long rickety latter to get to my loft open loft. That building has a long history to it — and I only know part of it. It was reggae club for a while–back wall was painted reggae style. A Japanese woman artist lived there and carved out really cool wooden posts for the stairwell. Crazy old Camille Paglia lived there for a while. And I think the fugees practiced in that space for a while. the building is beautiful if you take some time to look at it.

    you could have an entire blog on DC carriage houses and their history.

  • Another carriage house dweller here! It really has its ups and downs.

  • morgan: ask and ye shall receive.

  • This is my friend Kyle’s place! Great entertaining spot in the city.

  • IMGoph — thanks! that’s really cool. I’ve always loved carriage houses in DC and wished I knew more about them. I’ll check it out.

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