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This condo is located at 2531 2351 Champlain Street, NW in Adams Morgan. This looks like a relatively small unit but I think it looks pretty good. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

For the curious their Web site says:

Prices start at $554,000 for the only one-bedroom unit in the building (now sold), then jump to $1m for the two-bedroom condos.”

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  • If you want to be cursed by the karma gods then sure, go ahead and buy a place in this building, but trust me, you’ll regret it.

    The developer kicked out about 30 Latino families who had been living there for years. He used the old (and thankfully no longer existing) 95/5 rule to get rid of them. Despite the fact that they easily could have afford to purchase the building themselves (a former resident is the owner of four restaurants, one even featured here on PoP).

    Then, after that, he applied for a curb cut, which the ANC fought time and time and time again because he already had access alley. He claimed that he could only get one spot per unit if he accessed in through the alley and he wanted two for most units (nice). He was ultimately granted the curb cut because despite the fact that the ANC and the local community association fought it (even taking it to court) our good Councilmember wrote a letter of support (and just happens to oversee the agency that decides who gets public space permits).

    So sure, go ahead buy one of these places, I’m sure you’ll be greeted warmly by the community.

  • the front facade and the back facade are expressing an identity crisis. mies? gaudi?

  • May want to double check that address; it’s 2351 Champlain not 2531. And yes, a lot of nice folks used to live there and were booted out by a crap developer.

  • FYI, it looks like the pricing info from the website is out-of-date:


    1BR is still available (and is now listed for $465k) and there’s a 2br listed for $845k. Still seems really high to me, though….

  • Overpriced, and really, I can’t imagine Champlain Street would be a pleasant street to live on. It’s got zero character and feels like a second alley for 18th Street.

  • champlain street is a great street to get your car window smashed and your stereo stolen on when you park for 15 minutes to get falafel however. not that i’d know.

  • Seriously, Champlain generally seems sketchy and the comps – which many people rightly demand in these threads – just don’t bear it out. You can get a very nice, renovated 1BR/1BA in a historic building within 2-4 blocks for $100,000 less. Though no parking, and I have no idea what kind of premium that fetches. Plus the facade here just looks ugly.

  • Are those storm windows?

  • My assessment of the Erie:
    I was living across the street from the Erie on Champlain St for sometime. The 7 months that I was living on Champlain St my car was only broken into twice. I was (thank god) never mugged or worse. The curb cut issue discussed in the first comment, in my opinion, was a fight that the ANC people wanted to fight for no better reason than they didn’t like the developer to begin with. Any parking for a condo building is a great, and this curb cut it is a small one at that. Frankly, I feel it is a non issue seeing that there is a HUGE valet parking lot next door to the Erie that fits 30+ cars and is only used on weekends. If you want more parking talk to the owners of the valet parking lot…
    I would like to point out that:
    The developer seems to have put little thought into the livability design aspects of the building (this is probably why it isn’t selling) these features include: awkwardly small bedrooms with little closet space, cookie cutter features and appliances that are the same in all the units as well as all the other condo buildings that aren’t selling across dc, terrible color selection, the name is awful, as are non-existent views from inside the units…. etc…
    With that being said:
    The developer is a local developer in Adams Morgan and this is his first condo building. Adams Morgan is full of entrepreneurs, so lets encourage him. It takes a lot of guts to do something as grand as a condo building for the first time. The developer has a lot invested in Champlain St, and I have seen his crew picking up garbage and doing little things like that to make Champlain St a little bit nicer. So love or hate the Erie, let him know, after all he is starting the Eden across the street… Constructive criticism people I know you are capable of it.
    Positive features:
    The Erie building is a very solid design, all the units are very open and have a lot of light, most units can hear a waterfall from either a kitchen or a bedroom (hopefully this will drown the noise of continuous car alarms and 3am neighborhood debauchery), all the units have parking, there are hot tubs on the roof, and there are two zip car parking spots out back.
    So that concludes is my assessment of the Erie.

  • I had the sincere displeasure of living a few doors up the street from The Erie while it was being built. Not only is the building “façade-only” in my opinion (I watched many a worker skirt the lines of construction law on that site for the 8+ months I watched it being built), but a talk with the owner (or co-owner, it was never clear, be he damn well is NOT local) made it abundantly apparent. The guy lives in Florida (this is the one that owns a dog, again, not sure how many partners make up this place), somehow thinks that putting a banner across the street declaring he will be putting up another building will somehow encourage the neighborhood to shine (it won’t; unfortunately there are just too many problems to fix in terms of parking, drug crime and over-populated housing on the street). Seriously, if you ever go to a showing, try to talk to the guy (if he is up from FL) and give his responses a moment’s thought.

    If you want a decent place at a decent price and also with a decent amount of room, see if you can find a south-facing unit at the Orlo Von or across the street. The starting $1.4M pricetag on a 2 bedroom at the Erie may have changed, but the shoddy workmanship definitely did not. Not sure if anyone else in Champlain 2300 block can attest to it, but having fine styrofoam blown all over for a week because construction workers couldn’t understand the concept of covering their dumpster certainly didn’t enamor residents to the place.

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