Judging Buildings – Holy Facade Edition


This building is located at 1315 K Street, NW. It has one of the most amazing facades I’ve seen in the city. I think today it is part of a hotel but does anyone know the origin of this building?


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  • It was like a Shriners or Masonic sort of thing. I haven’t walked by in a while, but there used to be an elderly doorman wearing a “special” hats (a fez-like thing) who would only allow members into the building.

  • Ditto on the Shriners. I was at a conference that moved to this location at the last minute; the organizers asked our pardon for its weirdness. For my part, I could not take my eyes of the intricate patterns woven into the carpet.

  • I thought it still IS a shriners.

    Almas Shriners
    A.A.O.N.M.S. (Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine)

  • how can i never have noticed this before?!? hilarious.

  • I had a great makeshift picnic on their stairs one afternoon when it started pouring rain. Two people came out, and told us to stay, no worries, just clean up, and were very nice. It seemed as if it were a temple of somesort. It’s beautiful.

  • Even more interesting is the fact that it was originally a few feet up K St. and was taken down piece by piece and put back again in its present location when the new building next door was built. This had to be a pain for the developer but worth it to keep this building as it once was.

  • The funny thing is that the top floor is now actually an extension of the building on the right. It’s the mobility work center/mail room I sometimes use for my job. It took me forever to figure out why the windows by my desk were so fancy…

  • I think they rent it out – or used to. I went to a small conference there once.

  • This is still a Shriner building. I worked in 1301 K Street (East Tower) for about 3 years and they still have reserved spots in the parking garage for Shriners. I believe that it is mostly used for events. Lance Armstrong was there a few years back when he held a conference for Live Strong, I passed by him on the street. Another local celebrity is Newt Gingrich whose office is literally right next door.

  • I’m pretty sure it was a Homeless shelter until Fenty shut it down and kicked everyone out last summer.

  • Oops, wrong post. Damnit!

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