Judging Buildings – Bus Barn on 14th Street


When we admired the Bryant Street pumping station a couple of weeks ago, someone recommended checking out the Bus Barn on upper 14th Street. It’s a bit tough to appreciate it from these photos because it takes up a whole city block. I sadly couldn’t get it in all one photo. But it is pretty sweet. The cross streets are Allison and Buchanan, I believe. Pretty nice for a bus barn, yeah?


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  • This would be a bitchin’ CVS or Starbucks!

  • One of my favorite buildings. Too bad they don’t make garages like that anymore!

  • Love the bus barn

  • There are condos in Capital Hill area called Car Barns which are converted streetcar barns. Way cool.

  • Wow, that is amazing.

  • I don’t work too far from that car barn. We always go there to buy tokens for the kids to take buses for our field trips as they have a ticket office there.

  • part of it’s ‘grandeur’, as you say, it’s size. don’t know how you can capture that in a picture. no wide-angle would be wide enough!

  • I know that the city issued at least one RFP in recent years for a developer to turn that space into retail and condos (presumably while keeping the awesome facade) but the environmental cleanup costs have proven prohibitive so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing the buses themselves moved up to Silver Spring at the terminus/origin of all of the 14th and 16th street lines rather than being in the middle. There is light retail on the other side of 14th street from this barn which could really benefit from having two sides to the foot traffic.

  • saf

    Old car barns can be so gloriously beautiful. That one is great. So is the one on the hill, even though it’s now condos. And the one in Georgetown, which has become event space. And the one by the Navy yard, also converted to other uses.

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