Judging Buildings


I thought the skinny glass connecting structure looked really cool between the two older buildings. This shot was taken at the corner of 9th and F Streets, NW. What is the function? To connect the two buildings? Do you dig the look?

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  • Totally dig it. A rare success of the technique.

  • the angle on the front glass looks like it was folded and wedged in there.

    Cool look though.

  • definitely dig the look

  • Much improvement over the Masonic Temple’s previous incarnation of being abandoned for decades, windows being boarded up after the last tenant, Julius Lansburgh Furniture store left in the 1970s as for many years the boarded up windows often advertised the latest rap or go go shows or political statements, no reflection on the music scene, as passerby would see old staples on the boarded up windows, as for the Gallup Organization, they did a superb job linking this new space with the Gallup Building and the Masonic Temple

  • Looks great. Doesn’t fight the existing architecture, it enhances it. It’s a perfect example of the ‘good side’ of steel and glass architecture.

  • Ah, the Gallup building isn’t an older building. The Glass structure is the foyer for the Gallup building and was built at the same time. It also connects the two buildings so that the upper floors of the Masonic building can be used by Gallup.

  • It’s got a killer staircase inside, that you can sort of see in the pic.

  • Yes there is a great 7 story atrium between the new and old building including the old exposed brick of the masonic temple. floors 5, 4, and 2 of the new builing are linked by bridges to the old building. it is a perfect blend of old an new architecture.

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