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  • Best looking fire-escape you have ever posted.

  • there are a few buildings on 16th with this type of detail. i like it.

  • Didn’t that white frame used to be painted in various colors, giving it a real ’80s vibe? Or is that another building on that stretch of 16th between Scott Circle and U St.?

  • Hey my good friend’s partner designed that and they live on the top floor. Personally, I think it looks like a skeleton…BUT the inside of their unit is amazing!!!!! and the view from up there and the roof top is superb.

  • I like it. Its a good modern infill. And I like that the triangles that the white structure makes sometimes are filled with potted plants.

  • those gays and their triangles! 😉

  • Now that’s a “skeleton” of a building!


  • That building always catches my eye. And not in a good way.

  • edthered, that’s a diff building on 16th

  • I love it, I always stop and look when Im on that stretch of 16th street. Some of you guys are just anti-anything post 1930.

  • Just J:

    Not me. I kind of like this one.

  • those appendages are gratuitous and vulgar

  • I had a friend who lived in the building just to the right. that is a very, very narrow space and I think they just decided they had to go modern because they couldn’t do anything more traditional looking in that space if they wanted to do a tall building. I don’t love it and would have likely put a different look to the facade, but think their choice was consistent with the space available.

  • i think Giorgio Furioso built this. supposedly the narrowest building in DC. He filled in the gap.

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