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Dang I can’t remember what street this is. Oh well. I’m curious what you think about the one on the left. Do you think it works with the older style one on the right? I think the symmetry of the block looks pretty cool. Thumbs up or down?

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  • The one on the right is gorgeous. The one on the left is dreadful.

  • I think it’s 600-ish block of Q? But I could be way off…

  • The building on the left seems charmless in any context. In particular I dislike the dash-dot-dot-dot of each window row. In particular I dislike the dash-dot-dot-dot of each window row. In particular I dislike the dash-dot-dot-dot of each window row. (I’m repeating myself to demonstrate that verbatim restatements don’t make any idea more palatable).

    Contrast with the stately building across the alley, which finds some small, original expression for the windows on each floor, resulting in a bottom, a middle, and a top for the building.

  • I think it works. I don’t think the building on the left, on its own is fabulous, but in context of the streetscape, I think it is fine.

    Buildings with ornate details aren’t built any more so there’s no sense in whining about it.

    It’s important to remember, too, that most historic styles have an underlying reason behind them. Carrying water away from the building, letting more daylight in, etc. Most of these purposes are moot these days so even if these details were recreated, they still wouldn’t be genuine–another reason to whine.

  • The scale is fine. As contemporary architecture goes it is okay. I have no problem with modern or contemporary where a building (or part of it) cannot otherwise be saved or none is present. I agree with Mark re the windows. A few tweaks and it would have been a fine structure. At least it doesn’t make abad nod at classical like the newer homes on Logan Circle.

  • Im with mark all the way with the dash-dot-dot-dot building on the left. I very much like the one on the right. Yes its gigantic but the details and windows are lovely.

  • More bars in more places… (if only it were true)

  • Great photo–I like how they for a gauntlet.

  • buildings Can be built with ornate details. people are just lazier now.

  • You know, I’m not even talking — excuse me, “whining” — about the roofline of the BotR. I’m just talking about some fairly simple variations to the windows. Take away the — are they mansards? — on the roof and you’d have a reasonably-modern looking, hugely preferable alternative to the BotL. And although I can’t tell for sure, that is probably *chain link fence* on the BotL. If so, there had better be armed prison guards walking around up there, or it’s inexcusable.

  • That structure is indeed on Q, between 7th and Marion…..in glorious Shaw.

  • This is why I generally don’t like modern architecture: the newer house to the left of the alley looks cheap cheap cheap. It looks like a pre-fab that was erected for a temporary use, and will be taken down in 10 years after it is no longer needed. Sort of like how the mail had all of the temp buildings on it during the Second Great War of German Aggression. The large windows with no muntins look like giant black holes into a soul-less life… Sigh!

  • There are buildings built with ornate details still today. There are some recent ones in DC too. And, many buildings are being built presently, without ornate details, that show design creativity, not laziness. The window treatment on the building to the left is lazy and ugly to me. The chain link fence (?) on the roof also looks lazy and ugly to me.

    I am going to walk by this building and take a look again for the fun of it to either reconfirm or change my thinking on it.

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