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I can’t remember if we’ve looked at this strip on 14th Street a bit south of P Street before. I think these buildings are super cool. I’m really hoping that they just get refurbished and not demolished. It looks like work is about to get started and if they do get fixed up I think this will be a phenomenal block. I particularly dig the one on the left. Anyone know what’s slated to happen here?

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  • They’re in the Greater 14th Street Historic District, so they won’t be demolished.

  • Also, it seems to me like they have been in an under construction state for. ev. er. (or at least for the past two years) with no real progress. Perhaps I am just impatient?

  • You know how sometimes you wish you had millions of dollars so you could buy a giant farm and take care of all the abandoned pets?

    I have the same feeling about buildings like this: I wish I had unlimited funds and skilled manpower to really do it up right, without caring about a return on my investment. Just do it ’cause it ought to be done.

  • If anyone is willing to front the money to rehab the building so that I can turn the second floor into a swanky ballroom that probably won’t turn a profit, I am actively seeking patrons.

  • The building on the left has been “under construction” already for at least a year with no discernable effect on the outside. Maybe there is a lot going on inside. Sometimes the door is open and you can see new framing inside. Does anyone know what this is going to eventually be? I don’t think the permits you can see on the window mention what it will be.

  • I still get my hair cut (or what is left of it) at the barbershop in te far right of the picture.

  • Barbers often know stuff. So Herb, go get your hair cut this weekend, ask him what’s what, and report back, ‘kay?

  • The facades of the building will definitely be preserved because they are “historic”. There was talk at one point of building condos kind of above/around them, but that was over a year ago. I remember there was some controversy about the proposed height of the building and the way it would obstruct views and the passage of light to other nearby condos/apartments.

    It’s my understanding the buildings are in prettttty bad shape on the inside and need to be totally gutted and redone.

  • I really hope they turn the building into condos. The outside is gorgeous and would be even better if someone took the time to show it some TLC….

  • I’ve been meaning to either snap a pic or email you about the glass transom just to the right of the Tienda sign. It has this cool painting (?) of buildings around the address. Did you get up close for a look? Reminds me of the Triplets of Belleville.

  • I live nearby and have been unpleased with how long this rehab project has taken, as mmm says. My anger, however, is mitigated by the fact that (a) it probably hasn’t been rehabbed in 80 years or so and (b) the picture doesn’t do justice in showing how huge, in fact, that building is in the back. I was quite surprised when I took a look. I wonder if ANC 2f has looked into why things have taken so long…

  • Lovely old buildings, and you have the benefit of being across the street from the iconic Barrel House liquor store AND the Crew Club (a, ahem, “gymnasium and sauna” for men).

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