It’s Actually Going to Happen!


Just seeing this coming soon sign at Georgia and Taylor nearly makes my heart skip a beat. It’s wild to hear about something for so many years and actually see it materialize. Anyone know when it’s supposed to open?

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  • Does their Union Row location on 14th street do well? It always looks empty inside.

  • Their store @ Union Row was about a year late in opening…so I’m afraid you probably shouldn’t hold you breath. I do hear that they’re pretty media savvy and do reply to individual emails, so it’s worth asking.

  • woohooo!! Bring on the gentrification!!!!

  • Hey, PoP, please do get the inside scoop if you can. I’ve been going by and peeking in the windows every couple of weeks and haven’t seen any signs of life. I hope they aren’t waiting for the Safeway demolition . . . any word on that?

  • It’s supposed to open in June, according to Joe Martin & M. Bowser. Very excited to be able to get organic food for my infant son without having to leave the ‘hood.

  • we used to shop at Yes! in Brookland every week until we realized that they were stocking a ton of expired merchandise. Very disappointing; probably linked to traffic in that store, but we found expired milk in the freezer, expired dry goods on the shelves, etc. hopefully this one will be different…

  • Please open soon, please open soon, please open soon!!

  • Their fruits/vegetables in the Union Row location look rotten most of the time.

  • Yeah, while it’s certainly nice to have, I don’t think anyone will ever confuse a Yes! Organic Market with a Whole Foods.

  • You might confuse them on price. YES! seems wildly overpriced. I am skeptical that they will be able to survive in that location. At least at the prices they charge. The U St. store is never crowded.

  • “Their fruits/vegetables in the Union Row location look rotten most of the time.”

    Yes, well, that’s what happens when you try to treat organic produce like conventional produce. It simply doesn’t hold up as well or last as long. Hooray for preservative sprays, paraffin coating, and early picking.

    I knew someone who bought organic spinach, and then bitched that she had to throw it away because she found a bug in it. How did she think they were going to keep the bugs off it without pesticide? Yell at them?

    Tradeoffs in everything.

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