I Haven’t Seen a New No Dog Crapping Sign in a While

DSCN7930, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But this one on 13th Street really cracked me up. I thought it was particularly funny because the lawn is elevated way off the sidewalk, making it highly unlikely a dog would crap there…


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  • Is there a sign that says stop wasting the police’s time with calls about dog poop when you live in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the world?

    I almost want to go take my dog there on purpose.

  • What I really like is the handwritten “police notified”. Notified of what?! That dogs are pooping in public – I really don’t think that there is a law against that.

  • Actually Cupcake, if you don’t scoop the poop then there is a law against that.

    I’m all for dogs, but I will never fathom why people who choose to own one don’t clean up after them and I’ve seen enough poop that’s not been picked up off of sidewalks, out of tree boxes, out of parks, etc. to know that some people apparently can’t be bothered.

  • I like the all-seeing floating evil eye that’s been added.

  • I’m with Adamns Morgan here- having actually stepped in dog crap one morning on my way to work (on 13th street in fact). lucky for me i had an extra pair of shoes, because the ones i was wearing were absolutely disgusting. Now I’m on alert all the time, and believe me, it’s everywhere.

    yes, we have some big problems in this city, but that’s not an excuse for neighbors to act like a$$hats.

  • I’m going to find that house and have my dog drop a big load on the front lawn (and clean it up of course). He will poop wherever he pleases on public property. (i can almost guarantee you that that 5 feet of grass in front of the house is public easement, possibly even the bay window as well)

  • Ouch, RD — I assume that they probably had a problem with a specific dog pooping there repeatedly and it was not being cleaned up. I’ve taken to walking down the street with my head down scanning the sidewalk/grass so as to avoid the various piles of poopie I’ve been seeing (and stepped in once or twice) along my street lately.

  • Springtime in DC.
    A pit bull without a leash
    Charges up the block.

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